Five day healing and Havening Training program (In-person), Raglan, New Zealand 12th to 16th August 2024

August 12th 2024 9:00am-5:00pm & August 16th 2024 9:00am-5:00pm

Robin Youngson

What if you could develop your capacity as an amazing healer, while also healing your own trauma, and learning and applying Havening Techniques?

What if you could leave behind your anxiety, stress, and self-doubt, and come into joyous and energising practice?
Are you called to become part of a therapeutic community, a safe place where teachers and students alike share their life experiences, vulnerabilities, and heal together?

Would you like to dive deeply into the understanding and potential of Havening, and at the same time accelerate your progression to becoming a certified Havening practitioner?

Want to be part of a growing national community that advances Havening Techniques within mental health services in New Zealand?

Our mental health systems are overwhelmed, in crisis. A fundamentally different approach is required. Havening Techniques offer rapid, neuroscience-backed healing for both clients and stressed out practitioners.
Havening teaches us that every human being has innate healing capacity. When we step into the role of healers then we see amazing and life-changing results. Mental health practitioners need more than just new tools in client care – they need to become healers inside and out.

Join me for a world-first opportunity to experience Havening training while being part of an intimate therapeutic community

A five-day, in-person retreat in Raglan, New Zealand (Monday to Friday)
We begin with a deep process of welcome, introductions, exploring our purpose and making a shared commitment to our work together

We will take a deep dive into the science of trauma and how the Havening Techniques are built on that science
Together we will develop a deep understanding of how trauma shows up in our own lives, and how it can be healed
We will gain mastery of the main Havening Techniques through integrating teaching, practising on each other, group sessions, reflection and sharing

You will be offered individual support on your healing journey and will experience the amazing collective field of healing that arises in the group.

You will have time for personal quiet reflection and documenting your learning as we progress the formal requirements for certification.

The program includes:

  • Course pre-work including a self-paced, online Havening Science foundation, and self-assessment of learning/support needs
  • Beautiful, home-cooked food for lunch, morning and afternoon breaks (Meredith is renowned for her catering and hosting and will attend to your individual food needs)Individual coaching and feedback from your trainer for the written case histories submitted after the training program (30 case histories are required in total, some will be done within the retreat)
  • Support to complete the online Science Review during the retreat (a multiple-choice exam which is required for Certification)
  • Join a secure, online community for Haveners in New Zealand (hosted on our own platform)
  • Registration with the international Havening Techniques body with access to the online Student Portal to manage your certification requirements and access a vast range of valuable learning material and opportunities
  • Access to the international, private Havening Facebook Group (where you can get to meet Dr Ronald Ruden and many of the best practitioners in the world)

The program does not include:
- Accommodation
- Evening meals
- Travel
- US$99 fee paid to Havening Head Office, required for Certification and paid annually thereafter
The price of the program
The investment in your personal development program is NZ$4,000 including tax. This includes all the costs of achieving Certification as a Havening Practitioner (other than the annual certification fee paid to Havening Head Office)
On registration you may pay a deposit of $200 then the balance of $3,800 before the course, or the full $4,000 fee up-front, or a monthly subscription is available with an initial deposit of $200, then a payment of $800 before the course, plus seventeen monthly payments of $200 (total $4400).

Why choose this program?
The existing Havening Training – offered by many trainers around the world – is an intensive, two-day program that aims to teach new techniques to existing mental health professionals. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, most of these training programs have been taken online, sometimes split over a number of days. Many of these courses are truly excellent, including those offered by the other New Zealand trainers.
I have hosted many Havening training programs over the last three years and while a proportion of students go on to become Certified Practitioners, many go back to the stress and overwhelm in their jobs and never realise their potential as amazing healers. My recent experience of training local volunteers over a longer stretch of time showed me the potential of a therapeutic learning community where we integrated our new knowledge into our own lives and practices.

My philosophy is that Havening is a sacred practice of human connection and touch. In this stressed and fragmented world, I feel that we don’t need more online courses, instead we need to come together in physical community. The biological basis of Havening Techniques shows us that human connection and touch is essential for healing. Therefore, I do not offer online training for Havening.

Our first duty as healers is to attend to our own healing. I believe our capacity to facilitate healing in others is governed by the extent of our own healing. Indeed, some of the best practitioners I have trained are former clients who have transcended their own suffering and bring forward their gifts and insights in service to others.

You do not need to be a registered mental health professional to attend this program. The retreat is open to people of varied backgrounds, who have a commitment to healing work.

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Raglan, New Zealand (either at Youngson residence or nearby conference centre)

Raglan, New Zealand

Raglan is voted one of the most beautiful seaside towns in New Zealand. Both venues are just minutes walk from shops, restaurants, the harbour and beaches.