Please be advised that the articles, white papers, and studies presented here are educational in nature and are being provided only as general information and they are not to be considered medical or psychological advice. Further, they do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using The Havening Techniques® for any particular problem or issue.

White Papers

Psychosensory Therapy

This article briefly outlines how sensory input can affect behavior, mood and thought. All of us need to stop and "smell the roses".

The Limbic System

How do we manage to survive? Partly luck, but mostly it is our limbic system, which drives the responses we need to counter a threat.

Harnessing Synaptic Plasticity

By far the most technical, but also the most important white paper. It outlines how Havening works. Nature is just amazing.

Origins, Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Symptoms and Somatization Disorders

It is hard to imagine that our mind can produce debilitating pain, but it is true. Find out how this happens.


Impact of a Single-Session of Havening

Thandi Gursimran, Tom Deborah, Gould Matthew, McKenna Paul, Greenberg Neil