FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING: One-on-One Havening Techniques® Certification Training Program: Exclusive 4 Modules x 4.5 Hours - You choose your start date!

July 12th 2024 -

Lynn Demers

Welcome to your personalized One-on-One Havening Techniques® Certification Training Program!

This comprehensive program includes 4 Modules x 4.5 hours held once a week for four consecutive weeks. To secure your spot, please schedule your first session using the calendar and complete the payment to confirm your registration.

Unlock the Power of Neuroplasticity with Havening Techniques®: 4 Modules x 4.5 Hours

Embark on a transformative journey with our personalized One-on-One Havening Techniques® Certification program. This program offers a flexible schedule, allowing you to choose the day of the week that works best for you. We will meet on that day each week for four consecutive weeks, with each session lasting 4.5 hours.

Begin Your Healing Artistry: One-on-One Havening Certification with Lynn

Tailored Scheduling Just for You

Step into a transformative journey uniquely shaped to fit your life with our personalized One-on-One Havening Techniques® Certification. Your adventure begins by picking the perfect date for our first module through our friendly Calendly app. A simple registration and quick payment confirmation carve your path to a bespoke training experience, starting on your chosen date. We’ll send a Zoom link straight to you, marking the first step in our empowering journey together.

Ready to Transform Your Practice with the Healing Touch of Havening?

Our specialized one-on-one training offers a flexible and intimate alternative to group classes. Dive into an enriching journey of neuroplasticity, lasting transformation, and remarkable professional growth through our 18-hour course, spread over four 4.5-hour modules. Choose your schedule, and let’s mould your future to fit you best.

Before We Meet: Your Pre-Training Kit

You will receive an email with your Pre-Training Resources before our first session and for each module afterward. Reviewing these materials will ensure our time together is fruitful and enriching.

What is Havening?

Exploring the Art of Havening Techniques:

Havening Techniques® is a unique blend of touch, imagination, and attention that helps navigate and soothe various mental wellness challenges. From easing distress and anxiety to overcoming phobias and emotional trauma, discover the incredible potential of Havening for fostering Post-Traumatic Growth.

Comprehensive Training Approach:

Four weeks of 4.5-hour Zoom sessions for an immersive and flexible learning experience.

Live Mentoring with Lynn:

Use one-on-one practice sessions for immediate clarification and personalized guidance.

Witness powerful demonstrations to deepen your understanding of practical applications.

In-Depth Exploration of All 7 Types of Havening:

Hone your skills under Lynn’s expert guidance to address diverse issues.

Your Personal Guide to One-on-One Practice:

Practice and refine your Havening skills with a dedicated focus on each protocol.

Ask Questions and Get Immediate Answers:

Benefit from a responsive learning environment to enhance your understanding.

**Next Steps After Booking Your First Session:** 

1. Once you have scheduled and paid for the first session, you will receive a confirmation email.

2. The confirmation email contains instructions and unique links for scheduling the remaining three sessions without additional payment.

If possible, I encourage you to choose the same day of the week for each session to ensure a consistent learning experience.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to our transformative journey together!

Kind regards,




THANK YOU for your encouragement and your exquisite reviews and feedback. I was a college teacher for many years and evaluated many students, graded papers and held other assessments, and you’re dedication and devotion to this work is remarkable, and sacred.

~ Marcia 

I chose Lynn's one-on-one course because I am a stay-at-home mom and was unable to do longer training sessions while caring for my daughter. Lynn's flexibility and patience were extremely valuable to me, and I also found other unexpected benefits of doing the course one-on-one.

~ Eileen

When Lynn offered me the One-on-One Havening program, I was thrilled. It was what I needed and could do at that time. Pacing my learning by making my own schedule, receiving personalized training with lots of practice, and incorporating my own life experiences allowed me to learn the material on a deeper level.

The instructions in each module were concise and clear. I completed the preparation in less than one hour. Through repetition of the material and practice, learning became painless. Lynn impressed me with her solid knowledge base on havening and her wisdom on life. It was easy to connect with Lynn, and I felt immediately safe and comfortable. I appreciated her prompt email communication and additional information when I had questions.

~ Carola

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