Havening Techniques Annual Conference 2024 Friday June 14th & Saturday June 15th

June 14th 2024 8:00am-6:00pm & June 15th 2024 8:00am-6:00pm

Steven Ruden
Ron Ruden
Kate Truitt
Kimm Sun
Steven Ruden
Doug O'Brien
Mark Wingfield
Becky Musta
Erika Neil
Sophia English-Welcker
Jason Stanley, DRS
Mihaela (Michaela) Bogdan
Hilary Russo
Michelle Holmes
Janine H. Burns
Karen Lindsay
Christine Gibson


2024 Havening Conference

Announcing our 11th annual Havening Conference

 Pioneering New Horizons - Inspired by Science, Empowered by Intuition and Cultivated in Love

Welcome to our 11th Annual Havening Conference! It's been 11 years of spreading love, imagine that! We delved into the significance of the number 11, finding it to symbolize intuition, spiritual insight, and enlightenment. Its presence is believed to convey a universal message urging us to awaken and embrace our individual journeys—a gentle push from the universe, beckoning us towards personal growth, development, and a higher purpose. Its power lies in its call for us to remain attentive and embrace life's deeper truths.

Dr. Ruden, in the early days, spoke the highest truth about Havening: 'Always move forward in love.' This timeless message continues to be our guiding mission.

As we navigate this journey together, our 11th annual conference promises to be an exhilarating gathering of like-minded individuals, all driven by a shared mission to live out their higher purpose—where healing aligns with science and is infused with love.


Presenters List

  • Dr. Ronald Ruden with Dr. Kate Truitt - Conversation and Contemplation with  discussing origins and future of Havening
  • Dr. Steve Ruden with Doug O’Brien 
  • Kimm Sun and Brittanny Ferrell - The impact of daily selfhavening on pregnant black women
  • Sophia English-Welcker - Motivating Metaphors - inspiring compliance in New Clients 
  • Becky Musta - Havening into Death and Beyond
  • Mark Wingfield - Pioneering Collaborations
  • Erika Lane Neil - Havening for Trait Change
  • Dr Christine Gibson - Integrative approaches for Havening Techniques in Trauma
  • Dr. Janine Burns - We the Ambassadors 
  • Dr. Karen Lindsay Introducing Havening into medical care are experienced in the largest public hospital in New Zealand
  • Hilary Russo - The Pioneer Practitioner
  • Michaela Bogdan - Affirmational Havening with Ho’oponopono
  • Michelle Holmes - Using Havening to Envoke States of Love and Belonging 
  • Dr. Jason Stanley - Never Gain the Weight Back 

Please note this conference is advanced Havening techniques and only available for Haveners. If you want to register please login for Details.


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Hosted at the The Roslyn, Tapestry Collection  hotel by Hilton Roslyn, New York 

June 14th and 15th

Ticket price of $411 USD live in person 


  • 2 full days of lectures by brilliant and amazing presenters from around the world 
  • Video of event included for continued enjoyment 
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided for both conference days (hot buffet with many options)


OR ONLINE option $211 join live on Zoom & both options include recording


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Conference 2024 - Roslyn New York

Roslyn, NY

ONLY available to Practitioners and Student of The havening Techniques