BEGINNING March 2024 - YOU CHOOSE your start date! FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING: One-on-One Havening Techniques® Certification Training Program: Exclusive 8-Modules x 2 Hours

March 16th 2024 -

Lynn Demers

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Register: One-on-One Havening Techniques® Certification Training Program: Personalized - 8-Modules x 2 Hours  


One-on-One Havening Techniques® Certification Training Program: Exclusive 8-Modules x 2 Hours

Seamless Scheduling and Confirmation Process: Zoom details are provided upon registration and payment.

CAD 1695

Begin your transformative journey with our one-on-one Transformative Havening Techniques® Certification program, customized to accommodate your schedule. Initially, you will choose the date and time for your first Module through our user-friendly Calendly App. Following your selection, you will be directed to complete your registration by confirming your payment. This ensures a smooth and personalized start to your training, tailored to your chosen start date. A Zoom link for our initial meeting will be sent to you automatically, marking the beginning of your empowering learning experience.

*Note: All times are "Pacific Time"

Are you ready to revolutionize your professional practice and unlock the transformative power of Havening Techniques?

Our certified one-on-one training program offers an unparalleled and flexible alternative to traditional group sessions. Embark on a profound journey of neuroplasticity, lasting change, and exceptional professional growth with our immersive 16-hour training spread over 8 x 2-hour Modules. Flexible weekly scheduling - choose the best dates and times for you!

Pre-Training Resources:

You will receive your Pre-Training Resources by email before our first scheduled session and subsequent sessions until all 8 Modules are completed. Please be sure to review these materials before we meet.

About Havening Techniques:

Havening Techniques® are cutting-edge tools that intricately weave touch, imagination, and attention to address a spectrum of mental well-being challenges. From distressing memories and anxiety to phobias, emotional trauma, and pain, join us to unlock the untapped potential of Havening and discover its remarkable capacity for Post-Traumatic Growth.

About Lynn:

Introducing Lynn Demers, a trailblazing Internationally Certified Havening Techniques Trainer and Practitioner. Lynn's commitment to personal and professional growth is unmistakable, as evidenced by her comprehensive training alongside the founders, Doctors Ron and Steven Ruden, and early pioneers in the field. Completing her Havening Training in 2015, Lynn swiftly became the second person in Canada to become certified.

A True Pioneer:

Lynn took the lead in 2016 by hosting the first Canadian Training in Vancouver with Dr. Steven Ruden. The following year, she orchestrated another successful program alongside Dr. Kate Truitt. Lynn's dedication to growth extends beyond mere instruction; she is a compassionate guide, fully devoted to meeting individual needs.

What Sets Lynn Apart:

Lynn's unique and holistic approach, grounded in complementary healing modalities, sets her apart. More than just an instructor, she serves as a mentor committed to providing unwavering support.

Lynn's extensive background and hands-on experience guarantee that training with her will be a transformative journey. Guided by her Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration principles, Lynn offers more than just techniques; she empowers you to apply and seamlessly integrate them into your daily life and practice confidently. This immersive approach ensures you navigate your Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner role calmly, resourcefully, and confidently. Training with Lynn means gaining skills and a mentor who genuinely understands and supports your growth as a practitioner. Join Lynn on a journey of empowerment and transformation.

Who is This For?

Ideal for professionals with demanding schedules or those who thrive in personalized learning experiences, including:




NLP Practitioners



Medical Practitioners

Complementary Health Practitioners


First Responders

EFT, TFT Practitioners

EMDR Practitioners

Comprehensive Training Approach:

Eight weeks of 2-hour Zoom sessions for flexibility in integrating into your busy schedule.

Live Mentoring with Lynn:

Use one-on-one practice sessions for immediate clarification and personalized guidance.

Witness powerful demonstrations to deepen your understanding of practical applications.

In-Depth Exploration of All 7 Types of Havening:

Hone your skills under Lynn's expert guidance to address diverse issues.

Your Personal Guide for One-on-One Practice:

Practice and refine your Havening skills with a dedicated focus on each protocol.

Ask Questions and Get Immediate Answers:

Benefit from a responsive learning environment to enhance your understanding. 

Pre-Training Resources:

Access learning materials, videos, and resources before the training to enhance your preparation for each Module.

Secure Your Spot:

Limited spaces available. Contact us for availability, or schedule a complimentary consultation to invest in your professional growth.

What You Can Expect:

You'll establish a robust foundation to become a Certified Practitioner upon completing the training. Your trainer and mentor, Lynn Demers, will expertly guide you through assignments, leading you toward certification. Engage in a supportive community with monthly group sessions, allowing you to connect with your colleagues for invaluable exchange during practice sessions.

Interact seamlessly with Havening practitioners worldwide through our exclusive private Facebook group. Here, you'll access ongoing support from Doctors Ron and Steven Ruden and a vibrant international community of professionals from diverse backgrounds and extensive experience. Join this global network to enhance your skills, share insights, and foster professional growth worldwide.

Certification Steps:

Complete Science Review

Sign The Code of Ethics Agreement

Submit 30 written case studies

Submit 2 video case studies

Application fee of USD 99

(For US practitioners) Complete the Ethics Course by Midge Murphy JD (USD 149)

Annual membership dues of USD 99

Transform your professional journey with Havening Techniques® – a unique, personalized, and practical approach to lasting change and growth. Secure your spot today and embrace a future where transformative possibilities await. 

Connect with "Your Havening Mentor" – your friendly AI guide. 

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