Havening Certification Training - Online with Becky Musta

March 1st 2024 8:30am-5:00pm & March 2nd 2024 8:30am-5:00pm

Becky Musta

Havening Techniques ® is well on its way to becoming one of the most sought-after holistic modalities in the world. Havening will bring new life to your therapeutic practice and set the stage for you to gain very effective outcomes with your clients.

Not only can Havening help with distressing memories, chronic stress, and anxiety-based disorders, but these incredible protocols can also install positive emotions, create change, and help your clients to achieve their goals.

This program is designed for you. If you are a therapist, teacher, hypnotist, energy worker, somatic practitioner, EFT or EMDR specialist, doctor, nurse, or life coach you will love Havening Techniques ®.

During this training, there will be a balance of theory, neuroscience, and practical one-on-one instruction on how to apply these techniques. In breakout groups there will be lots of practice and time for questions. You will receive clear instruction and see demonstrations of all 7 techniques.

One great thing about Havening is that it can be applied by a certified practitioner, or self applied. People all over the world have been learning and practicing Havening online, using what we call facilitated self Havening. This is the reason Havening translates so beautifully to an online platform.

We will meet via Zoom and class will run from 8:30am to approximately 5:00pm on both Friday and Saturday.  After you register, you will receive your online primer, video links and the Zoom link to the training.

To achieve Certification, you are required to:

  • Complete 30 Case studies
  • Complete and pass a Science Review
  • Complete the Ethics class (US residents only)
  • Fill in all the required paperwork.
  • Meet with your mentor (Me)

The path to Certification leads you to:

  • Access to the closed Facebook page where you can ask questions to the developers and every trainer on the global team.
  • You will be invited to Mentoring Mondays where we discuss challenges, successes and share ideas on how to help our clients.
  • You will also meet other practitioners and help each other in the certification process.
  • You will be given discounts on classes and conferences.
  • You will have access to advanced classes created by Havening professionals for Havening professionals.

This training will elevate your healing practice, improve client outcomes and increase your ability to help your clients more quickly, more gently and more effectively.

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Havening Certification Training 2024 Online with Becky Musta