Accredited Havening Techniques® Training - Online 'Person-to-Person' - Over 4 half days - "From Upside Down to Standing Tall" - With Lynn Demers and Becky Musta

July 19th 2022 12:00pm-4:30pm & July 21st 2022 12:00pm-4:30pm & July 26th 2022 12:00pm-4:30pm & July 28th 2022 12:00pm-4:30pm

Becky Musta, Lynn Demers

Havening Techniques® Certification Training Program

"From Upside Down to Standing Tall"

Transforming Survive into Thrive through the Power of Havening Techniques®

Online - Person-to-Person - From the comfort of your home or personal space

With International Certified Havening Techniques Trainers

Lynn Demers of Havening Vancouver 

Becky Musta of Havening Ontario

July 19th & 21st and July 26th & 28th (4 half days

12pm - 4:30 pm PST / 3pm to 7:30pm EST (please note times in PST and EST)

Classes will be 4.5 hours with breaks included

This training is for those who work professionally with people who have endured transformational life changes or may have experienced this type of profound change themselves. The type of experiences that leave you wondering who you are - the life you knew turned upside down - everything changed - and there is no going back.

This could be from a serious illness or injury, the loss of a loved one, relationship changes, retirement, empty nesting or simply having outgrown the old you. 

Your take away from this training will be: 

  • A unique ‘set of keys’ that will allow you to fully engage with this powerful healing modality - that exists right at the end of your fingertips 
  • The opportunity to practice person-to-person with other students - under the gentle guidance of a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner
  •  A deeper understanding as to what might be holding you back plus inspiring insights into how to tap into your strengths and inner wisdom to fuel your motivation moving forward
  • An opportunity to become a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner - if this is the path you choose - sign up for Training with Certification or add on the Certification Program after completing the 4 x half-day training
  •  All of this - plus a newly discovered confidence knowing ‘you’ve got this powerful set of tools’ to lean on - to continue serving both yourself and/or your clients throughout the ever-unfolding chapters of life

It’s time to get your feet back on the ground!

Creating  your ‘Best Life’ - Standing Tall - Rooted in your Strengths 

& Excited about Expanding into newly discovered Possibilities!  

To register please select your preferred option below and submit the payment to reserve your spot in the training.

Training Course:        

Early Bird $1095 (June 5, 2022) tx incl    

Full Price $1195  tx incl

Training with Certification Program:        

Early Bird $1595  (June 5, 2022) tx incl      

Full Price $1695 tx incl

Certification Program (added on after Training) 

$650 tx incl

This training is the first step to becoming certified. All following assignments will be completed at home utilizing the certification portal online with support and guidance from your Havening Techniques mentors Lynn Demers and Becky Musta who will help guide you through the certification process, ensuring your success upon submitting your final Practitioner application to Havening HQ.

This class will be limited to 14 new students

Monthly practice group sessions will be provided to help support you on your path to certification.

  • Steps to complete certification are as follows:
  • Complete Science Review
  • Complete The Code of Ethics Agreement 
  • Submit 30 written case studies
  • Submit 2 video case studies
  • Submit application fee $99

For those practicing in the United States, please note you must also complete the Ethics Course independently administered by Midge Murphy JD ($149)

Havening Practitioner membership dues are $99 per year.

For more information please contact:

Lynn Demers

1 778 608 0719

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Becky Musta

1 905 447 6106

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Online 'Person-to-Person' - Over 4 half days - "From Upside Down to Standing Tall" - With Lynn Demers and Becky Musta