FREE Introduction to Havening

December 10th 2021 12:00pm-1:30pm

Elena Kindler

This 90-minute live online class will cover:

  • What Havening is
  • The neuroscience behind the Havening Techniques
  • How to use Havening to reduce emotional distress from a past event, and
  • How to use Havening to build resilience and feelings of wellbeing.

And, I will do a live Havening demonstration with a volunteer from the class, as well as a group Havening exercise so everyone can experience first-hand the power of Havening!

See what past participants have said about my introductory class:

  • “I really appreciated the slide presentation which gave me an introduction to both the science behind Havening and whetted my appetite for learning more about each one of the 7 styles of Havening.” 
  • “Very interesting webinar explaining the complex scientific research behind this new therapy as well as it’s applications.”
  • “Super clear science.”
  • “Elena’s teaching style is very warm and personable as well as highly educational and super helpful/transformational.”
  • “Elena’s teaching is informative, clear and concise, warm and friendly.”
  • “I felt relaxed and peaceful after just a few minutes of [Elena’s] guided self-Havening session.”

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