Havening Techniques Training: Online from Melbourne, Australia,

November 21st 2020 1:00pm-5:30pm & November 22nd 2020 9:00am-1:00pm & November 28th 2020 1:00pm-5:30pm & November 29th 2020 9:00am-1:00pm

Robyn Elliott

Havening Techniques Training: Online from Melbourne, Australia, 4 half days: November 21, 22, 28, 29, 2020

Build on your existing trauma training. The Havening Techniques integrate with a range of other therapeutic modalities including family therapy and systemic approaches, Internal Family Systems Therapy and other “parts” models, EMDR, cognitive behavioural approaches, behavioural techniques, and mindfulness.


Utilising lectures, live demonstration, and supervised practicums, This basic training workshop will cover:

  • The encoding of traumatic memory
  • How Havening works to "depotentiate" traumatic memory and enhance performance and functioning
  • Preparations for Havening
  • Conducting a Havening session using either the Event Havening or Transpirational Havening protocols
  • Conducting a session using Outcome Havening, Role Havening, Affirmational Havening and Affirmational Havening
  • Utilising Havening for personal use, resilience building and performance enhancement
  • Factors which determine the selection of Havening protocols for different presentations



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Online (live stream) via zoom with Robyn Elliott