Christchurch, New Zealand. Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October 2020

October 9th 2020 8:30am-6:00pm & October 10th 2020 8:30am-6:00pm

Frances Lamb

The Havening Techniques®, utilizing current neuroscience, can help with many issues, including distressing memories, trauma, fear and pain. Havening, a psycho-sensory technique, uses the sensory input of touch, imagination, and attention to create lasting change.

During these two days participants will receive one-on-one instruction by seasoned practitioners on how to apply this technique. This program is designed for nurses, psychologists, licensed mental health care workers, first responders, educators, coaches and many other professionals.

This two day weekend is the first part to becoming certified, the rest of the work will be done at home. Please see details on certification page


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