Dr. Ron Ruden & Steve Ruden the Developers of The Havening Techniques April 24/25 2021 in person

April 24th 2021 9:00am-6:00pm & April 25th 2021 9:00am-6:00pm

Steven Ruden, Ron Ruden

You have a wonderful opportunity to train with the developers of Havening Techniques, and it only happens twice a year.

These two days are the first step to becoming a Certified Havening Techniques practitioner and helping to create a world where people can free themselves of trauma, where healing is self-facilitated, where Havening will be as commonplace as CPR. Join us in changing the way the world heals.

The Havening Techniques®
During this two-day workshop, participants will receive one-on-one instruction by seasoned practitioners on how to apply this technique. This a perfect complement to your present skill sets. This program is designed for nurses, psychologists, licensed mental health care workers, first responders, educators, coaches, teachers, and many other professionals. The Havening technique is very complimentary with EMDR Therapy and/or Sensorimotor Therapy as well.

*Earn 16 CE hours available for licensed Social workers, (*contact us for more details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) included in the price.
Includes: Hot Breakfast Buffet: 2 Days Training; Primer; Guide; 9hrs Video Training DVD; Certificate of attendance; the Certification Program / Process; Online Science review, 16 CEU credits; Discounted prices on future events; Access to the closed forum on Facebook where you can talk to the Havening Developers, the trainers, and other certified trainers. 

Weekend Training plus Certification

Includes: Continental Breakfast / 2 Days Training / Instant access to Primer, Guide / 9hrs Video of Dr. Ron Ruden presenting Training DVD / Certificate of attendance / Certification Program / Online Science Exam / Includes a mentor who will guide you through the certification process

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