Daniel Curran

Certified Practitioner since April 2021

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My Name is Daniel Curran and I have been professionally qualified Social Worker since 1992 working primarily within Children Service’s in the Republic of Ireland but continue reside in Derry Northern Ireland where I was born. In 2013 accidentally came across NLP when doing an MBA in the University of Ulster. Since this discovery I have been on a mission to really develop my skills in this area of work. I have attained a diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, achieved Master Practitioner Level in NLP, as well as a diploma in Karl Smith’s Kinetic Shift. I am qualified CBT and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and family mediation, while more recently have I have trained to become a certified havening practitioner, which is a radical and wonderful benign and relaxing process designed to remove trauma in a gentle relaxing process of psychosensory touch that clients seem to really enjoy. I chose to train in Havening to compliment my developing Hypnosis Practice and always seen this as part of a retirement strategy from a career in Social Work. I quickly became aware how life changing and cool the Havening Techniques are on their own. I have noticed clients being able to move from overwhelmed, anxious, and fearful states to being calm and in control of their state within a relaxed easy to do process where the client is involved in in their own change work, and this is one of the best most unique part of the process. My mission in working with people is to free them from many of the anxieties, and other life struggles which can impinge on their quality-of-life experience. My strength is being able to use all my social work skills, to listen, build rapport and engage with clients so they can work on the change agenda they want. To date clients have acknowledged my ability to create a sense of ease and safety in sessions where the focus is on the clients change agenda. I work mainly on phobia’s, anxiety, weigh management and performance management. I am currently developing my website called “Your time. Solutions” If you feel like you are ready to make the change and move from overwhelm and struggle to calmness and perspective and you would like to connect, please email me to book an initial free introductory consultation call. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Yourtime. Solutions https://www.facebook.com/derrynlphypnosis/ Tel 00447584047818

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Weight loss, Self-Belief


48 Mount Vernon Culmore Point Derry Northern Ireland BT48 8AG