Danielle Long

Certified Practitioner since March 2021

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Danielle Long believes in the cultivation of Deeply Spiritual Mindfulness, Heartfelt and Reflective Listening, Presence, Self Compassion and Kindness as the KEYS to growth in ALL of us who want to find  Equanimity and Ease of Heart, Body, Soul  and  Mind during these challenging days. She has worked in the Nursing Profession for many years and was guided  to learn, practice,and teach Therapeutic Touch and Hands on Energy work with children and adults in many different settings.

She has always been drawn to Gentleness and supporting Self Compassion and learning how to be kind to ourselves and others. She focuses on noticing and welcoming in our old patterns and beliefs with curiosity and intention to clear blocks at a deep Soul  level. She creates a Sacred and respectful space between client and practitioner which nurtures the potential for harmony in us ALL. She  weaves in her knowledge and practice in the Energy Field of Study with Gestalt Therapy Methods and Somatic Presencing work. Havening brings in Neuroscience and the use of  Soothing Touch to gently release our old patterns and create a New Neural Network and a Pathway of Hope for the Future. At each session she brings her skills of Creating a Safe Space and Listening with Patience, Presence, and Heart.

Education: B.S. Boston College – Nursing and Philosophy     M.A.  New York University – Parent-Child Health,    Barbara Brennan School of Healing –Four years  Hands on Energy Field Healing Science        Gestalt Center of Long Island – Three Year Certification - Psychotherapy     Rubenfeld Synergy - Two years  Somatic Synergy Practitioner.

Certification/Licensure – Registered Professional Nurse-licensed in New York , School Nurse Teacher Certification –New York, Preparation for Parenthood –American Red Cross Teacher , Childbirth Educator (ASPO Certified),Brennan Healing Science Practitioner,  Certification- Gestalt Psychotherapy-Gestalt Center of Long Island, Licensed Mental Health Counselor – New York, Certified  Rubenfeld Somatic Synergy,  Havening Practitioner Certification.

Practice Scope- Visiting Nursing, Pediatrics in Hospital, Community Health, School Nurse Teacher, Childbirth Educator, Parent Child Health Consultant, Faculty -Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Health Department Prenatal Clinic, Teacher- Mindful Self Compassion, Hands on Healing, Private Practice.

Areas of specialization


Northport New York ISA