Joanne Harvey

Certified Practitioner since November 2015

(530) 598-6530
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Masters in Social Work, Certified Havening Practitioner, Pro EFT Master Practitioner, Redefining Life Coach, is skilled in rapidly guiding individuals from hurt to recovery.

Joanne is an expert in assisting clients to resolve problems that limit their life's potential. She is an advocate for living life on purpose, strongly supporting self-determination.

Joanne encourages her clients to be open to life's mystery and she is a living testament to that notion. Her rich background includes a wide variety of entrepreneurial experience, including owner of a large metropolitan catering company, owner/director of a direct marketing company for women who fly fish called “Damselfly,” and the owner/manager of an alfalfa/grass hay operation and registered Limousin cattle ranch. She’s also worked as a Medical Social worker in a trauma hospital and spent 6 years working as a hospice social worker. During that time she wrote and published a book called “Dying to Live, Embracing the Journey” and became a Progressive EFT Master Practitioner. She has been a full time energy practitioner and life coach for the last 8 years.

Are you looking to transform your life, your relationship, your prosperity, or are you just sick of carrying around old, self-limiting junk from the past? Then you will want to experience what clients from around the world have experienced with Joanne’s guidance; freedom to live the life you want, gaining happiness, love, clarity and success.


Little Shasta Valley, California
Ashland, Oregon