Joy Favuzza Taylor

Certified Practitioner since December 2020

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Welcome! I am Joy, and I do bring that Joyfulness to my Havening Sessions!

A little about me- I am a registered nurse, graduate from Boston University with a M.A. in Science, and a Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine from Columbia University.  My heart is first and foremost for people, and I was honored in 2017 with The Brickner Visionary Clinician's Award given by The City of New York for outstanding service to the Homeless. 

I have had the privilege of working across various settings: Women's Health, a faculity position at Beth Israel Hospital and being the first "Lincoln Center Nurse" providing medical services to The Juilliard School, The Metropolitan Opera House, and The School of American Ballet. 

I am now devoting my time to havening as this is the best method I have used to help patients.  I have used havening to help patients who have had a traumatic event.  I have also used it for patients who want to overcome feelings such as anxiety, anger, uncertainity and replace those feelings with empowering ones: confident, calm, relaxed and safe. Havening can also be used to create calm in a upcoming event such as for a job interview or surgery.  I hope you will be inspired to begin your journey with havening.   

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I hope these testimonies will inspire you to begin your own journey with Havening

"This is one of the most important recommendations I have ever written. It is a testimony for a women that I believe can change the world. The tools Joy brings into her Havening sessions are on another dimension."

- Anne Hoffman

"I was astonished by how quickly my havening session left me feeling comforted, grounded, loved and alive! Thanks to my teacher Joy Favuzza-Taylor. She skillfully led me through the stroking along with positive affirmations while first identifying an incident that occurred back in kindergarten which left me feeling inadequate, judged and questioning my enough-ness and abilities. The affirmations went deep into my body. I felt an inner strength and power as I talked back to that boy in kindergarten who told me I didn't know how to build blocks and who knocked them all down one day. I stood up to this incident which had left me to question my inner judgement and capabilities. In its place, I invoked a Golden Buddha. I became that Golden Buddha. My light shone bright and strong and powerful. Just writing this now nearly 2 weeks later. I feel that exact grounded light deep in my being. What an awesome and effective practice! Thank you Joy for guiding me deep within such an easy and loving way!

Karen Rose Tank, M.S., CINHC
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Diabetes Specialty
Find Clarity - Living with Type 1 Diabetes 25 years

"Joy's therapy was a light that traveled from an oppressive dark tunnel, she gave me breath and hope again. I was struggling to cope after a ten-year relationship and her creative integration of psychotherapy, havening, and neurolinguistic programming worked wonders for me. I will be eternally thankful. Pure Joy!

-Johnny Anzalone, Dance Teacher, Fitness Instructor
Cast Member of CATS on Broadway

"My Havening session with Joy was truly a gift. She gently guided me step by step through the process. I sensed that I was peeling one layer off at a time, which left me feeling lighter, centered, and more at ease. Then Joy led me to another level which was a profound connection to my past. I was amazed that in such a short time, how transformative the Havening experience was. Thank you Joy for introducing me to Havening!"

-Avra Blieden, L.M.T.
Licensed Message Therapist - Accupressurist
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