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Certified Practitioner since August 2020

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If you can personally relate to any of these - desire for growth, crisis, overwhelm, or feeling stuck - try Havening!


I have supported people in their personal and emotional growth for over 30 years, and am pleased to offer Havening technique as a valuable addition to my counselling services.


Havening is a simple, easy to use practice, that has proven to be very effective.


As well as providing an honest-to-goodness safe space with active listening, I use a number of user-friendly strategies to help you make sense of the way you deal with things.  I like to work with you creatively, to help you find your way forward. I work with adults of all ages, from youths to seniors, for any personally challenging issues. I have spent time in Counselling roles at the Sexual Health Service, the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Victoria University, and the Wellington Cancer Society to name a few.


I really value Havening science and process. It's such an adaptable practice which will help you regulate and emotionally scaffold your way forward, and open up creative pathways to meet life's challenges, either large or small.


If you’re interested in learning more see

or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In New Zealand call 029 971 5352. I'd be happy to arrange a 15 minute free session, to help you decide if I’m the person you would like to work with.


I am based in New Zealand, and very comfortable working with you wherever you might be in the world.  I have plenty of experience connecting globally with my clients and use a number of internet platforms.



Please get in contact if you have any questions about how Havening might be a solution for you. 

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My 17 year old son had just been diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer - I was in shock, grief stricken and heart broken. I felt my whole world had collapsed around me. Brenda taught me Havening - and I found I could be in the awful moment but somehow felt comforted by the touch at the same time. I used it whenever I felt upset and found calm in it. from KW
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