Francine Oreilly

Certified Practitioner since May 2020

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Meet Francine . Having dedicated 35 years to the hairdressing industry she retrained in the complementary field gaining some of the top training in Reflexology , she also offers sports massage , hot stone massage, Indian Head Massage , kinetic chain release (realigning the body ) ,face Reflexology ,  zone face lift , auricular accupuncture , Aromatherapy, Reiki , IET and adding Havening to the list this has  become her top treatment available.

Francine had hoped to balance running her successful Barber shop along side doing her therapies . But the demand for what she offers has seen her delve full time into treatments. And is committed to opening X2 clinics one north and one south of the border in Ireland . 

Francine sees so many stressed out clients , fertility clients , insomnia clients , depression, anxiety grief and anger. She volunteers in the local cancer center and witnesses what Havening can do for the trauma caused by such a disease .not only to the patient but the family.  

Havening is a psychosensory touch therapy , creating delta waves releasing serotonin enabling the encoded memory to be rewired /changed   and life to be more content going forward.

Francine has witnessed some amazing results in her clinic . From teenagers released from the trauma of being bullied , to a family member let go of the loss of loosing a loved one , seeing a lost soul finally feel hope for the first time , a childless couple become a family , stressed out clients breath and let go of the past burden that was pulling them under ,  The youngest she has treated was 10 and the oldest to date is 82.  This is a treatment unlike any other , it does not involve you reliving or discussing the past . It's gentle , safe , and fast . Be the change YOU want in your life . Regain control of a happy life  . .  Enter a safe Haven today . 

Areas of specialization

Anger management, Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Blushing, Childbirth, Depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Relaxation, Insomnia, Stress, Adolescents, Grief, Self-Development, Bereavement


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Fran , thank you so much for the feeling of hope I was left with on Wednesday after my second Havening session .
You are a very connected and powerful healer . Although my talk therapies have taught me so much about my complex traumas and self , they did not go the last and most powerful step . Recovery and hope that joy will be restored . I feel so much stronger to feel , deal and move with a smile . Thank you ?.. A
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Thought the eyes of a 14yr old

I who as someone who struggles with anger And stress in my everyday life and have experienced many of your treatments .I must say of your services you provided me with a means to calm down . These services NEED to be experienced by others .I would recommend your Reflexology and Havening and all other treatments this woman is a miracle worker ..L.
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I don't know how you did it and have never felt like this before . But whatever that Havening is it's powerful . Omg Francine you have literally changed my life and in doing so my family dynamics have changed.
Who would have ever thought the turmoil Ive lived with could be due to something that happened years ago .I feel like a ball and chain have been lifted from me is all I can say .
IL be forever grateful??
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I've had the amazing pleasure of experiencing several of Fran's modalities - relexology, KCR, havening... these treatments under Fran's empathic care have been truly life changing. I have been on a path to healing this year, doing other things such as dietary and supplementational support under medical supervision.
But I know that the work I did with Fran released physical, emotional and energetic baggage that's been stuck for over 10 years no matter what I tried!

I noticed major changes, quite quickly: KCR helped me stand straight and strong again, enabling me to enjoy new hobbies like paddleboarding - pain free after years of joint pain and arthritic symptoms.

After a couple of lymphatic drainage reflexology treatments, I noticed a major shift in my weight and body shape - I'd come to believe I just had to face the reality that I had fat knees and ankles. But it seems to have been fluid and toxicity built up in my system - a clogged drain effect. The reflexology really helped unblock my system, and has helped me shift nearly 3 stone in the last 6 months! And now I no longer feel pain when I stand up getting out of the car, because of all the inflammation in my knees, hips and ankles.

Most powerful of all has been the havening sessions - these helped me release past traumas from childhood and past relationships, that have meant I am now able to really connect with family, & forgive the past... guilt and shame, hurt and pain are resolved, and I expect and deserve loving respectful relationships with my family and friends, and am ready to meet a life partner who will do the same!

I am more truly and fully myself now than I have ever been, learning self-love and self acceptance. And I cannot thank Fran enough for her support, wisdom and care - I'll keep coming back - if only for the craic and the chats! And also her luxurious natural aromatherapy facials! My deepest gratitude for all you have done to support me this year Fran - keep shining your light on us all ? ???. Caroline
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