Julie Ulbricht

Certified Practitioner since May 2020

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With over ten years experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner as well as her training in Family Constellations, Julie Ulbricht brings a unique perspective to her use of Havening Touch® to work with trauma: releasing triggers and patterns which no longer serve.

By tuning into the body we access our innate intelligence and capacity for self-healing. You know what you are ready to release – what beliefs about yourself are limiting you, what wounds you are ready to heal and we go at your own pace.

In my work I bring a systemic perspective: the grief you feel may not be yours alone: it may belong to a parent or ancestor; the difficulty letting go of a belief or addiction may reveal an unconscious contract which connects you to a family member. The issues that arise can be explored and released giving you the freedom to live your life fully.

In the first session I will give you an overview of how this method works, we will look at what you want to focus on and how that can be best achieved. At the end of the session I can make simple suggestions for how you can incorporate a few minutes a day of this healing touch into your daily routine.

“The foundation and backbone of my practice is over thirty years practice of meditation. Why is this so important? Because the ability to listen, sometimes to hear behind the words, to focus in on the pulse – these are the tools I work with.”

In addition to my clinics in London & Sussex, I am also available online.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Stress, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease


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Ancestral trauma

“I worked with Julie in an online-session (I live in Holland) and it was really remarkable how she tuned into my emotional landscape. The tension in my body was created by a traumatic experience in my childhood (one I had identified already) but what I discovered with Julie’s guiding was that another memory had much more impact. She helped me to feel this down to my fibres. Julie is a very professional therapist.” Jack, Netherlands
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Stress and relationship issues

“I have worked with Julie over several of her healing modalities and find her an extremely warm, skilled and intuitive practitioner. Her systemic healing method is surprisingly simple and yet so powerful. I found my system calmed and nourished by the session, and best of all it’s given me an ongoing tool to use when I want to soothe and ground my system. I highly recommend working with Julie.” Piers, Sussex
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Finding trust

"Thank you Julie for a very powerful Havening session where I could finally come back into my body and my whole self again. It was as if something finally let go. I loved your calm and sincere attendance to me and my needs, moment to moment." Gunilla, Sweden
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"I started seeing Julie as I was having physical responses and disturbance due to hearing noise when I was sleeping at night. The slightest sound would cause a response that was an overreaction and would make me angry and irritable, unable to get back to sleep. After doing an online Havening session the disturbance from noise was not triggered so easily and I barely notice noise through the night. Julie is highly skilled in this area and a great helper generally. I have recommended her to friends and incorporated Havening into my daily practice." Hannah, London
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Public speaking

"After one session I felt so light and happy, as if I was in love, I couldn't stop smiling. That's why I booked two more and one of my biggest fears, speaking in front of people – no problem anymore.
I did EMDR before, many sessions but something didn't feel quite right, that's why I came with a lot of scepticism but I had lovely sessions with Julie, with unbelievable results." Lisa, London
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