Kit Maher

Certified Practitioner since April 2020

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Kit's focus is simple. To help stimulate the natural process of ‘letting go’ to help people achieve more freedom and peace of mind. By connecting with inbuilt mind and body mechanisms for letting go, his approach draws on multiple disciplines to help with the release of limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours. Havening falls easily into this category. Kit’s first experience of Havening came in 2015 from a video of Dr. Ruden working seemingly 'miraculously' with a client. Practitioner training followed in 2017, with the wonderful Tony Burgess and Julie French.

The gentle supportive quality of the Havening Techniques® chime naturally with Kit's approach, which stirs humour, lightness and playfulness into the healing mix.

Along with awareness based processes drawn from the Sedona Method and The Release Technique Kit includes an eclectic mix of ideas from his training in NLP, Hypnosis and Clean Language.

Kit’s journey into complimentary therapies began in 2010 with the loss of a friend from, what felt like, an illness made so much worse by the emotions that were stirred up by it. Initially he qualified in Hypnosis and NLP, then studied dozens of other disciplines and  gradually filtered out those that were too hard for clients to do, involved lots of mental gymnastics or were just not reliable enough. 

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Kit's background is as an actor and writer but his interest and focus has naturally fallen towards working with disadvantaged individuals and groups. Over the last 20 years he has worked to support the health and wellbeing of people with mental health problems (including psychosis, anxiety and depression) survivors of domestic abuse, young adults with Autism and countless others.

Much of Kit’s work also includes delivering communication skills training, and the secrets of how the mind works, to Doctors, Dentists and other professionals .

Kit has a passion for helping people move beyond limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours, and put past pain behind them. His aim is to help his clients to find freedom, enjoy life and experience the living awareness that they truly are.

Havening Techniques® are an amazing tool in so many ways and Kit is very excited about adding them to his personal development toolbox.

If you want to feel more free to get on with your life.... get in touch.

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