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Marianne Sandberg, MSc, is a (DK/UK) certified Havening Technique® Practitioner, practising in Copenhagen, Denmark, and via online consultations. Marianne is the founder of REbrain Clinic specializing in multidisciplinary therapy for mental chock and mild traumatic brain injury.

Benefit from Havening techniques® in trauma recovery
With Havening techniques®, Marianne helps you release mental trauma and stress conditions.  

Your consultations with Marianne are typically very long, 1h 50 min, allowing you to relax in a quiet, comfortable and safe atmosphere. The long consultations allow more time for trauma depotentiation, which ultimately means “to remember the trauma, but no longer recall the feeling”.  

Marianne will always address the “whole you”, combining Havening techniques with dietary advise and supplements, to give you a stronger weapon against anxiety and sleep problems that may follow trauma.

Marianne offers a variety of evidence based and complementary methods: trauma release, supplements, neurofeedback brain training, other rehabilitation methods by referral and Exercises for brain and body.

If you’re your trauma is extensive, multiple or unrelated to a traffic or sports accidents, Marianne partner up with medical doctors, psychiatrists (US, DK) or psychologists. Several of Marianne’s clients have been helped to finally move on benefitting from Havening techniques – sometimes in combination with psychotherapy.

You will be met with a special understanding
As a trauma survivor Marianne Sandberg understands your fight on a personal level. She went through a series of unlucky accidents where she suffered from multiple concussions, whiplash/neck injury and a mental trauma from a sports accident in 2007. Upon these accidents, she has spent the last 13 years travelling the world for new methods of treatment, ways of helping the brain recover, new ways of getting rid of mental trauma and she is now cured thanks to Havening techniques® and a package of physical and mental exercises as well as supplements.

In practicing Havening, Marianne has come to realize that Havening technique® is such a powerful tool, to releasing these emotions while also exploring one’s internal landscape and the subconscious.

When Havening technique help a person release mental trauma held in “the brain and body”, it seems to open for the body to recover from physical injury too. Addressing physical rehabilitation for recovery of mild traumatic brain-neck injury is although, still highly essential.

Get help for Combined trauma (mental trauma + concussion)
Marianne offers a “concierge service” to coordinated rehabilitation, referring for international frontline methods for diagnosis & multidisciplinary therapy, helping people whiplash neck injury, concussion and mental trauma back to work in close collaboration with specialist partners around the world (especially leading doctors and specialists in US, UK and DK).

Marianne receives people with chronic conditions for re-evaluation or second opinion, after traditional MD examinations has been performed at the time of the injury.

Havening techniques® making sense
Marianne, holds a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Denmark, in the area of biotechnology and she has studied neuroscience literature for 10 years. She finds that Dr. Rudens scientific explanations to Havening techniques® walk hand in hand with her in dept scientific understanding of neuroscience.

Find the way back
Offering you a completely new method, Marianne knows, what personal relief Havening can bring. She can help you to find the old you as a person - and she helps you REBrain

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Areas of specialization

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Stress, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease


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Lars uses Havening for posttraumatic stress concondition
Client testimonial: How Lars used Haveining to handle specific conditions of anxiety after traumatic event (in Danish)


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With Marianne, it seems safe to take on one's challenges

I can highly recommend working with one’s trauma through the Havening method. One's trauma seems more distant, and less painful. No longer weighs in the same way. With Marianne, it seems safe to take on one's challenges.
Marie Louise R, Denmark.
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