Patrick Watters

Certified Practitioner since January 2020

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Patrick Emmett Watters - DipHE, MNCS (Accred)

Emmett’s passion for developing people to be the very best they can be is reflected through the excellent results he achieves with his clients. He uses a multiple approaches and therapies, specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. These include cutting edge psychological techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meditation, Mindfulness and most recently, “Havening”. Emmett’s unique approach empowers clients by teaching them techniques to help them on their journey to a life they never saw possible.
With over 20 years of practice experience, Emmett’s journey began with his own personal addiction. At 29 years of age, he had been an addict of multiple substances for 15 years. A wake-up call came when a close relative fell gravely ill and Emmett sought addiction help through the GP referral scheme. Although an awakening experience, unfortunately this was marred by negative and damaging encounters. Not being listened to, and not being treated as an individual case led Emmett to go in search of the best treatment available. After meeting an inspirational Mentor on a community-run Drugs and Alcohol Programme, he began to work as a Volunteer and subsequently backed up his passion with academia, becoming a qualified councillor.
Relentlessly researching to excel in his work both in wide community, prison and hospital settings, Emmett worked tirelessly to find solutions for every individual on his caseload. Working with children and adults with various neurological disorders such as Asperger’s, ADHD and Autism as well as those living with addiction, substance abuse and trauma he trawled every imaginable therapy and painstakingly researched each one. Certified in the ground-breaking therapy of ‘Havening’, Emmett now knows he has found what he has been looking for and can tailor this method to individuals to truly change their lives.
“My extensive client base ranges from millionaires to the homeless with many in between, which includes local celebrities, sports personalities and children in care. By creating space and freedom for these individuals, I facilitate them to develop to their full potential, and create a purpose for their futures. Support is on-going and based on each individual case. The greatest thing a client can tell me is “I don’t need you anymore”. I then know my work is done and these individuals can move on to live a purposeful and fulfilling life by taking the steps my ground-breaking life-coaching has taught them”.

Emmett creates a safe and welcoming environment
Passionate about helping those in need, especially those with trauma and addiction issues, Emmett runs group and 1-1 clinics and can be contacted on 07763679401
Areas of specialisation:

Life coach
Fears and Phobias
Self-belief and Confidence
Self-development and Personal Performance
Relapse Prevention
Panic Attacks
Anger Management
Motivational techniques
Harm&Reduction programming


Areas of specialization

Addictions, Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Food addiction, Gambling addiction, Anger management, Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Depression, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Insomnia, Sports performance, Stress, Adolescents, Grief, Interview Nerves, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Shyness, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment, Weight, Bereavement


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All dreams are possible.

“I was loathed to go to yet another counsellor. Nothing had worked for me. Emmett’s totally unique and individual approach totally changed my life!, I just didn’t see a future. Now I am living one I never dreamed possible. I now believe in myself”
“I wish I had met Emmett years ago, I'm now living an addiction-free and happy life.
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Your always good enough

“I thought I wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve success. My therapies with Emmett were amazing. I have since achieved more than I ever though possible through Emmett’s life-changing coaching and self-havening technique.
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Bright future's

“I lived every day with my childhood trauma. My self-esteem was at an all time low. My future is now bright, and I no longer carry a burden every day” thanks to Emmett
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Never give up

“I thought nothing could help my son who had suffered multiple addictions for many years. Nothing else worked. After working with Emmett, my son is addiction free and working full time. He is now fulfilling a future full of hopes and dreams”
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Havening 1

“I couldn’t believe the difference after one session of havening. Emmett taught me skills which I will take with me for the rest of my life. I can use these time and time again, should I suffer future trauma”
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My name is Lance and hears my story which not many will know.

I suffered from trauma and fear along with anxiety and panic attacks for a long time.

It stopped me doing alot in life leaving the house, going out, trusting people, talking to people, I felt everyone was against me and looking to cause me harm, it stopped me living life for 14 years , I didn't know where it came from or how it started, it was something I could never explain.

Then I met Emmett and he told me about HAVENING, he give me a few self tools to work with from home before i went to do some havening work with him.i wanted help more than anything in this world I felt my life was falling apart and I had no control.

My first session with Emmett we got to work straight away, HAVENING started and we went deep into the past and worked on a number of things, at the end of the havening session I was overwhelmed with tears and emotions, I had this joy, a weight was lifted of my shoulders I had no emotional or physical attachment to my past. I felt strong, my mind was clear and I had space for life, I wanted to walk for miles, I wanted to talk to people, see things and go places.

I have finished four sessions with Emmett and I feel out of this world, amazing, I have so much joy my mind is so clear, I see things in life so much differently as if my eyes have been opened.

I'd like to take this time to thank Emmett for everything he has done for me. I couldn't thank you enough. I hope by sharing my story that it brings awareness to metal health and what HAVENING can do for anyone.

I am open to learning.
I am open to postive relationships.
I choose to be calm, relax and peaceful.
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Ive lived a life of abuse violence and couldn't tell you what a childhood was, I just excepted this was normal and lived the best I could in my so called family home. Life was like that for years and yes I also went in and out of abusive relationships most off my adult life as I said before it was normal for me.
I put myself through school and became a therapist to help others live with pain and get on with their lives, then a friend of mine told me about Emmett and his case studies, I've always known of Emmett and respected his work and the type of person he is.
So my friend being my friend asked if I could be one of his case studies and the person Emmett is, said it would be a privilege to work with me.
I was very nervous as this abuse had been since I was a child but I would try once again to get something back in my life for me again.
I can help others but never me, well up to now.
Emmett was so gentle and he educated me in havening and what it is, what it can do but always told me trust me your safe with me.
I completed 5 sessions of havening with him and its impossible to put into words what he has done and the difference in my mind and life now.
No guilt, shame,pain and confident again with positive self-belief that this is my life and from now on i'm living it for the better of me and my children.
Havening to me is a miracle and Emmett brought it to me, he is very professional and empowers you to believe that you our the healer of yourself and you can build your own pathway.
I can't thank him enough he doesn't even know how he has changed my life, as he would say learn how to breathe and hug yourself everyday and be grateful that your you.
I have my tool's and I can build a better landscape now know how to do it, thanks to Emmett

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Can't get my driving test !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN tea

I'm a lad of 18 and I remember saying to Emmett I can't get my driving test, Emmett looked at me and just said can't, well CAN'T means can and a cup off tea. He then said see me at a 11 o'clock the day of your test, as I told him it was at 2.15 that Wednesday. I called to his office and he asked me what have you passed in your life. I told him about things in my life like exam's and test's and he said ok then you can pass whatever you can see. Emmett taught me some Havening tools and we sang songs and named countries and all sorts of mad things LOL. Emmett told me if you can see it you can be it. Now were are you going on Saturday, I told him rugby and he said ok you will be driving to the grounds in your car. I remember laughing and saying but what about my test and he just smiled and said you will pass today. I went and I was so calm and relaxed I sailed through it and he was right, at that moment i remembered what he told me, I said to myself I will drive to the rugby game.
I just want to thank him so much, not only for helping with my driving test but I can see life different in away now. Like anything is possible if you've got the the proper tools and people like Emmett.
Thank you for the tea also LOL
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My Havening experience with Emmett

I started my havening journey as a 15 year old that had experienced a trauma. In August of 2019, unfortunately I was hit by a car, and that changed my outlook on life completely, before havening, I was filled with anxiety when i was in the car,crossing a road or in any public surrounding. My selfconfidence also decreased slowly and i began to isolate myself from friends and family, I began to not even want to go out because I knew it would require to get into a car to go somewhere.I tried to deal with the problems myself, and ignore the issues, however they just got worse, I started to convince myself that my whole life would be surrounded by this anxiety and constant stress. I began to worry how my future would be affected, even though I am only 15 I thought" how when i am older, will I be able to drive a car if I cant even sit in one without feeling anxious"?.

I began havening with no knowlege of what it was,my dad briefly told me about it, and at the start I was sceptical of it. I didnt believe that just 3 or 4 sessions would solve a problem i had been dealing with for months now.However by the first session I knew from then on, that there was hope and this was going to change my life In a positive way, I didnt exactly know how , but deep down that this was going to help me. I came out of the first sessionfeeling happy,relaxed and curious to see if it actually work and last. After the first session I havened every day and night, slowly but surely I noticed a positive change in my attitude and confidence. For the first time in a long time I started to feel myself again. This amazed me as I couldn't believe how much of an impact it had made in less than a week. I had been attending counselling sessions before, but havening was a completely different approach. In my opinion I would say counselling helps you deal with your self awareness and makes you aware of the problems you need help with and around a specific issue, but havening helps you physically and mentally tackle the issue for a long term affect to improve various aspects of life.

By session 2 I hadnt had any panic in the car since session 1, which was a big achievement for me, I didn't even feel anxious in the car anymore, which was major step forward as I J hadn't felt comfotable in a car since the accident.

Throughout the experience my confidence grew through the self-affirmation havening. Before it I would describe myself as an over thinker and would always focus on the negatives rather than the positives. However, due to my improvement in my confidence, my social life began to improve also, and I started to go out with my friends again. I also gained a realisation of the positives,hopes and future I could have. It has changed how I mentally think of myself, my surroundings and others, I no longer dwell on negatives or think that i "should be" or "have to be"something.

Conclusion, I would definitely say that havening has been one of the best things to happen to me, I have no saddness or flashbacks from the accident since my therapy and I feel it will have a long term effact on my future in a positive way. I am proud of myself to say that I no longer have panic attacks in the car, I don't constantly think negatively of myself or blame myself for things that I can't control such as my accident. I now look forward to a hopeful future ahead as a continue with my havening.


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“Patrick Emmett is a fantastic mentor and Havening is a brilliant modality to be able to use in my therapy room".

Havening Therapy was life changing!
Havening therapy for me, changed my perspective, on how to deal with myself in anxious and stressful situations. The therapy is based on you, as well as different techniques to help you deal with the issues you may have.
What I found most useful was the attitude and approach of my therapist, Patrick Emmett. He was both energetic and professional in his approach as well as honest, positive and provided a space where you felt comfortable to open up with yourself to work on your issues/problems/anxieties and Traumas. This was different compared to other counselling experiences I have had which focused mostly on dealing with childhood traumas. I was able to leave each session and feel like I am able to cope/deal with my issues.
As well as my therapy sessions, I have been using the technique of self-havening each day, I feel this helps me focus on other things rather than my stressors/anxieties.
Why would you not try this type of therapy, if it has been recommended to help you!
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PTSD and me

Hi there, I'm just me with a lot of history and pain. I've always been in therapy of some sorts, well until I met Emmett and he told me your past is your past but it doesn't define your future. He has a very unique way of working with you, it's like he's talking and creating a space with which you're that relaxed in, that you almost forget what you're there for.

In the first session Emmett taught me all about relaxation and breathing tools which was different for me. I enjoyed the feeling of calmness that I created with him in the room. I also got my tools to use outside of the sessions in my day to day life and that's when I realised what Havening and my new techniques were all about. Emmett explained what it was doing inside my brain and outside in my world. Everything he said was true.
I got my morning and night time routine which we built together so I really knew what I was doing.

I really loved that he didn't need the story (if you've been to therapy you know what i'm talking about) so the anxiety wasn't as bad through the session and I wasn't in that oh so familiar place once again and if I was, it was only for a few seconds. We worked through one trauma and then another until, well I felt alive again and the freedom inside my own head and inside my body was quite remarkable.

I remember Emmett explaining triggers and how they come up in your system, but a lot of the times I didn't know why it happened, you know what i'm saying? Things like anxiety, stressing out, worrying and panic.
The one thing Emmett told me was, "I promise you nothing but will do everything to help you to help yourself, investment is everything and what you do outside the therapy room is your investment in yourself."

After our sessions had finished i've invested in myself every morning and night and yes, I can get low days but I know how to change them.
As Emmett said, "Gratitude will always change your mood." I'm grateful that I met Emmett and I'm grateful for the the tools he taught me to change myself.

Life can be good but you have to work at it.

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