Hilary Russo

Certified Practitioner since May 2019

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Hilary’s blend of work in the health/wellness field and media has given her a chance to truly connect with people on a much deeper level. Through her own healing and use of the Havening Touch®, she has a deep understanding about why we need to “be kind to our mind”. She has a passion to guide others on their healing journeys towards finding the balance in living happier and healthier.  Hilary considers it a gift to hold that space for healing and says it is often the place where the heart opens and allow the best and most beautiful part of ourselves to thrive.

In addition to being a certified Havening Techniques® practitioner, she is also a certified holistic health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), has a MA in Psychology, is a university faculty advisor and volunteers with GallopNYC, a therapeutic horseback riding program for special needs children. Hilary is an award-winning college professor at St. John’s University in New York where she teaches on-camera presentation and broadcasting. While she inspires her students to become confident and compassionate journalists/presenters, she also challenges them to tackle common fears and anxieties that come with public speaking and performing.

Hilary is also an award-winning journalist/producer focusing on healthy living. She currently hosts “Healthy Communities News”, a program produced by CVSHealth where she travels the county highlighting empowering stories of neighborhoods tackling health challenges and finding innovative solutions. She also hosts/produces the TV show “CT Voice: Out Loud” in Connecticut, a TV show that focuses on the inspiring lives of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Hilary can be seen regularly on the live-streaming fitness show Daily Burn 365, she hosts/produces a weekly holistic health series on Instagram (@HilaryRusso) called  “Kitchen Cabinet Confidential” and has appeared nationally as a host and guest expert on QVC, PBS and on various TV & radio stations around the United States.  Hilary is about to launch her podcast “HIListically Speaking,” an empowering place filled with engaging conversations exploring self-awareness, self-love and transformation through health, healing and humor.  She looks forward to helping you find the light and laughter.

Areas of specialization

Food addiction, Anger management, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias, Eating disorders, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Obsessions and compulsions, Pain management, Public speaking, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Sports performance, Stress, Stuttering, Weight loss, Grief, Interview Nerves, Unusual tendencies, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Shyness, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment, Weight, Bereavement


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ROOT WORK with HIListically Speaking Health Coach & Healer Hilary Russo
Empowering you in the new year to get to the root of things. On this live TV segment, I share a number of ways to dig deep and listen to yourself on ways to heal, grow and live your best life by practicing mindfulness, gratitude, empathy and resonance. I also share a brief introduction to Havening Techniques, a healing modality I'm certified in that helps alter your mood, behavior and thoughts though touch and pleasant distraction. I've used these practices in my own healing and I'm elated to share them with you. HIListically Speaking
Self Havening for Stress Management on WTNH-TV
Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner Hilary Russo shares with Good Morning Connecticut about stress management by putting the power in your own hands through Self-Havening. This self-soothing tool incorporates the Havening Touch and pleasant distraction to be kind to your mind and alter your thoughts, moods and behavior when upsets arise. April is Stress Awareness Month and with the uncertainty in the world there is no better time to learn new ways to live well.


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My Attitude to Public Speaking Has Transformed

Three Havening sessions with Hilary were all it took to allay my fears of being interviewed Live on Facebook by one of my heroes, who has a global platform. Beyond allaying fears and instilling confidence, the practical advice was also invaluable! My attitude to Public Speaking has transformed, and I totally recommend Hilary as a Havening Techniques Practitioner! "? Margaret P. - UK
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Hilary is a Gifted Healer and Held Space for Me

I was open to Havening because I have already had experiences with alternative healing treatments in my past like reiki. With Havening, Hilary helped me with my stress I was dealing with at the time helping me manage my stress and anxiety levels during our sessions. It was a great addition to my own self-care routines with the current circumstances that I am still working though with improved ease. Hilary is a gifted healer who held space for me with confidentiality with the obstacles I am working through with Havening. She was mindful about punctuality and keeping track of the time during our session which I also really appreciated.?
Hilary D. - New York
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I Found Confidence, Control and Clarity with Hilary

I recommend Havening, especially with Hilary. Her sensitivity to one’s emotions was so helpful. It’s such a powerful form of therapy. Being able to let go of my traumas and finding the confidence, control and clarity I was looking has me so grateful and relieved. Thank you, Hilary.? Jillian S. - New York
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From Hurt and Anger to Light and Calm

A painful breakup and a toxic professional situation left me with so much hurt, anger and resentment that I ended up depressed and unable to move forward in my life. Havening sessions with Hilary have made a huge difference. Even from the first one, I felt lighter and calmer than I had in months. I am so grateful to her and this is certainly something I will continue doing. She's the best!?
Suzanne G. - France
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You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Embracing a new theology is not easy fora senior citizen. We are old dogs who find it difficult to learn new tricks. Once I decided to experience this holistic healing process, I was hooked. Hilary is an compassionate artist with the Havening gift that comes from the heart. My issues appear to be gone and the ghosts of the past are being whittled away, one by one.? Beverly T. - Connecticut ?
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