Caroline Welkin

Certified Practitioner since April 2019

+64-27-642 7222
Zoom appointments available on application
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One of the first certified Havening practitioners in New Zealand, Caroline loves what this science-based method adds to her existing professional expertise as an experienced NLP and kinesiology practitioner. Focused on enabling clients to create useful change that drives desired results, Caroline has found including this brilliant neuroscience method in her service offering, enables clients to reduce stress and achieve their aims while supporting their health and wellbeing with a resilient mindset. Employing this wealth of knowledge in her work with both individuals and groups, Caroline is located in Wellington, New Zealand, although she can work virtually, so in most cases, location is no barrier to accessing her services.

For over twenty years, Caroline has successfully incorporated these incredible brain-based change methods into her career with personal development, IT training, and the arts. Alongside this, she is an accomplished storyteller, comedian and presenter.

"I'm pleased to offer this science-based method to my work. For me, as a highly analytical person, I find Havening the perfect adjunct to NLP and Sabotage Clearing for Goal Setting (using kinesiology skills) with its focus on neuroscience to create simple, lasting change to the landscape of the brain."


Upper Hutt