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Certified Practitioner since March 2019

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"Keep doing what you're doing, and you keep getting what you're getting " -

Sr Gertrude Howley [my angel of light]

This quote in 2014 was the turning point in my life, when stress and life events were impacting my own emotional and mental wellbeing. 

This statement created  the openness  and awareness to the changes I needed to make for myself to live a happier,  healthier and now with Havening Techniques  a more  empowered  fulfilled life.

Maybe that statement resonates with you too, and could be a turning point in your life?

In my Nursing Career spanning 24 yrs between A&E & Primary Care  I see  and hear daily  how stress and Dis -Ease  can bring on so much illness and disease to patients.

As a GP Nurse in primary care  for the last 17 years, observing chronic disease and autoimmune disorders on the increase most of it can be attributed to chronic long term or acute stress in ones life!

 I envisage with the work of Havening Techniques and neuroplasticity one can reduce the allostatic load of stress in ones body and mind and create a homeostasis mindset of peace, calm & release.

This allows patients to improve their emotional health and wellbeing  and live the  happier healthier life they desire and deserve.

Traumas, past emotional events , childhood events , fears, phobias , anxieties,  which still hold a lot of emotional connection and my feel like they are keeping you stuck are generally from past  this is -

"When the past is always present " - Ronald A Ruden 

My approch is simple, gentle and empowering. By facilitating and guiding clients on clearing the  PAST emotional connections , building resilience in PRESENT day and helping them visualise their best optimised FUTURE with my Resilient Emotions 3 Step Reset sessions.




Areas of specialization

Anger management, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias, Childbirth, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Public speaking, Relaxation, Stress, Interview Nerves, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Shyness, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment


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Wow! It was wonderful working with Tara. She was so professional as she guided me to my Best Year In Business. Tara was always reassuring, calm and confident. She helped me break through in areas where I felt stuck and offered practical resources and advice. I felt so confident afterwards as if I can really do this. My favourite part was where we found my best moment in the year ahead, made it feel so real and showed me how to tap into that energy any time I want. We also completed an action plan for the year ahead to keep me accountable and make sure I get the results. Thank you again, it was absolutely worth it and I would highly recommend working with Tara.
Yvette Rossouw

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Tara is kind and professional, she makes you feel so welcome, there is tranquillity, attention and warmth in what she does and this makes you forget all your troubles. I felt rejuvenated and totally relaxed after the session. I couldn't recommend Tara enough.
Aleksandra Dm
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" I went to Tara with extreme anxiety and so overwhelmed that I just could not cope anymore.
This was not an option for me as I had too many responsibilities in life and needed to get back to feeling like myself fast. I had 3 session with Tara and found it all very helpful in giving me control of my mind problems and life again.
I still have bad days and still have work to do but I now have the tools to move forward I feel more confident and feel better about my future "

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" I went to Tara as I was very unhappy in my life, I had a lot of past issues and had no direction, I just felt stuck and angry.
After my session with Tara I was exhausted and flat for a day, but she had warned me, so I was prepared. Then suddenly I felt something lift off me and felt this overwhelming feeling of happiness and have been feeling it since on my bad days I have tools to help me bounce back to feeling better much quicker. I just wish I had taken care of my problems and issues sooner as I feel so much better. "

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" I have worked with Tara on a few occasions and I have found her to be amazing. She has an unique talent of making you feel at ease straight away even for us very nervous clients and can take you to deep levels of relaxation to extract the information and blocks that are holding you back. The sessions themselves will leave you flabbergasted at what you discover about yourself. She is compassionate and understanding but yet yields fantastic results in her unassuming nature. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work with a true professional! "

Helena, Cavan
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" Tara introduced me to Havening and I found her to be a wonderful therapist. She was very kind, patient and had lots of empathy, while at the same time emitting a sense of strength and positivity. My sessions with Tara were very helpful to me in removing some childhood events that were preventing me from moving forward, and as a result I feel much better in myself and more positive in my outlook. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tara, as well as being a lovely person she is extremely committed to Havening and to helping people unblock and overcome painful events and memories from their past. "

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" I visited Tara about a phobia that acted as a roadblock at different stages in my life.
In just one session it was resolved. Tara made me feel so relaxed and explained everything to me in detail which put me at ease immediately. Tara has a natural empathy and was such a warm person that I had no problem opening to convey my issue Havening was a new concept for me but the feel-good factor I felt after was amazing I cannot recommend Tara highly enough. "

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" I went to Tara for help with anxiety and PTSD. I was feeling all over the place and couldn’t even concentrate properly.
Tara made me feel so relaxed and comfortable the moment I met her. The session with her was remarkable. I drove home singing uncontrollable to myself. She gave me the tools to help me confront he fears I had and move on from them. My anxiety and PTSD no longer control my life. I feel so much more like myself again. "

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