Marcos Morales

Certified Practitioner since September 2018

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I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated with a B.S. in Public Health Education, a minor in Wellness Coaching and also completed the Peace, Justice and Conflict Transformation certificate program. Throughout this I also became a Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach. Currently, I am continuing my education by pursing a master's in Counseling Psychology at the University of Louisville. 

Previously, I've spent the past two years working in education at an ESL school called, Newcomer Academy. There I worked as a Bilingual Instructor, interpreting in classrooms, mentoring students and hosting restorative circles. Currently, I work at the University of Louisville Cultural Center as a Program Coordinator of the Hispanic/Latino Initiatives where I provide students with culturally enriching programming and events, life coaching, and leadership development opportunities. Also, I am an active member of Mijente, a social justice organization, where I organize in a healing arts capacity. 

Currently, I am passionate about the learning process and standing in solidarity with myself and others through being critically engaged in the transformation of my reality (sculpting my own neurology). 

The single most significant thing I've learned from Havening is being aware of and intentionally accessing my resourcefulness. Awareness around this topic has allowed me to become more and more aware of my humanity and my brilliance as a multi-dimensional human being. And it is this that I am most excited for in realm of Havening, that all who encounter this have a “homecoming” experience of their resourcefulness, their brilliance. I strive to bring this philosophy and mindset to all that I do personally and professionally.

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Louisville , Kentucky 40214