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Certified Practitioner since July 2018

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Helen has been well known in her community for  over 30 years  as the Head Coach for her local Netball Club. She trained girls between 8 to 18 years of age who went on to compete in the Scottish cup numerous times. Her focus has always been on supporting and training children to be their best selves.

Helen has been dedicated to helping people of all ages therapeutically for the past 20 years. She is a qualified Reiki Master and Hopi Ear Candle Therapist. More recently Helen has successfully completed training in Safetalk, Safe Talk Assist, Self Harm Awareness, Suicide Support By Telephone and Scottish Mental Health First Aid and uses these skills by volunteering at a local suicide intervention and prevention charity called Chris’s House. Helen decided to undertake training to become a Havening Practitioner after seeing the positive results of Havening on the lives of the families affected by the trauma of suicide. Helen has successfully used Havening Techniques for removing past trauma, phobias, unknown fears, addiction, depression, blocks from childhood, suicidal thoughts, mental health issues and much more.
On one occasion, Helen and another Havening Practitioner, used Havening to support a Premier League team of ladies at their football practice and before an important game. The ladies all stated they felt more confident and left with a different belief in themselves. Self havening direction was also given and the Ladies have reported amazing results since.

Helen believes that Havening is the way forward for working successfully with children and people with suicidal thoughts. “To see one person, who was suicidal and in a state of deep despair, walk out after a Havening session with tears of relief because they feel so much better and know that they have the knowledge to self haven further, is the best outcome ever. It confirms in my heart and soul that this is a special, special technique and should be available for everyone”.

Areas of specialization

Alcohol abuse, Drug abuse, Food addiction, Gambling addiction, Quit smoking, Anger management, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Depression, Eating disorders, Exam nerves, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Pain management, Relaxation, Sports performance, Stress, Weight loss, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Belief Creation, Empowerment


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Self worth

Havening technic was used on my daughter aged 15 , up until my daughter tried this she had no self worth , hated the way she looked , wondered why she was here didn’t feel valued in the world , had trouble with friends being nasty , she lacked in self coping , which resulted in my daughter having thoughts of self harm.
This is where Helen Baillie comes in she arranged to meet with my daughter within days of contacting her.
First session was arranged where havening was used on my daughter, my daughter through havening was able to talk about her fears and how she felt and how others made her feel at first there were a lot of tears towards the end of the hour session my daughter seemed to be more self assured more relaxed and more open than she had ever been to me as her mother.

We left this session filled with hope that this could have been the breakthrough she needed , through havening Helen gave her the tools to be able to deal and act in different situations, within a couple of hours I could hear my daughter singing to music something I hadn’t heard in a while, she had almost turned over night into this bright wee girl that lay under the surface for so long. There has been a couple of occasions we’re friends have made nasty comments but the tools she has been given has allowed her to over come them , self harming has never came up in conversation and that’s been a couple of weeks since the havening session, my daughter has since helped out in the passed couple of weeks with local after school care , she’s found her self worth again , we’re are looking forward to our next session, we couldn’t be more grateful to Helen Baillie who possibly has saved my we girls life becoming nothing more than another statistic .

Regards Claire
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Fear and pain

Having your body filled with fear is one of the worst situations you can come across. When the fear took over me i felt there was nothing I could could do except let it happen. Having a disease where you don't actually know what's coming next is a scary thought and when a hurdle that ends you in hospital having surgery comes around, you feel there is no hope of getting better. That's where I was wrong, from havening I've seen a whole new side to myself. A stronger more powerful side that can fight this no matter what it throws at me next. The way Helen enabled me to see that I can get through the pain was not by telling me "you will be okay" but by truly listening to what I fear the most and showing me how Havening will make those fears disappear, bringing me to my happy place. A place where fear and pain is no where to be seen. This allowed me to realise that pain doesn't control me anymore and that now, I control the pain through self Havening Using these different techniques I've realised that the pain of surgery or different procedures doesn't last forever and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, yes the tunnel might be long and contain many obstacles but I know I can and will get there with my Havening touch .
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Fear & anxiety

My 8 year old daughter has developed huge anxieties over the past few months. To most people she’s a very confident outgoing child but really she’s nervous and anxious. She jumps at someone opening a door, a light going on or off & she’s convinced there are scary ghosts in the house, murderers behind the mirror and kidnappers ready to steal her out of her window. It was very stressful for her and also for us to watch her being so distressed.
Having heard of havening I knew it was an option we had to explore and helen very kindly offered to haven her.
Well her way with words and the way she converses with children is amazing. My daughter went into see her clinging onto me and biting her nails with nerves. Within literally minutes she was relaxed and in hoots of laughter and she actually really enjoyed the time with Helen. In fact she just about skipped in the next time!
More importantly she left with a new found confidence . She was determined to beat these fears and Helen had given her the tools to help her do this. Huge progress has been made and she’ll happily go up to bed when she’s the only one upstairs. Before havening she wouldn’t even go upstairs herself even to get something from her room!! I was really at my wits end before havening and am so grateful to helen for what she has done for us. And we’ll be back in a couple of weeks as she’s asked for a follow up to make sure she’s still ok but in the mean time she’s Havening herself which is amazing .
I’m so so grateful to Helen and Havening. It’s brought our happy wee girl back.

Sent from my iPhoneFear &
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Depression and anxiety

I have suffered with depression for the best part of 13 years. Over the last few years it became really bad. Like most people I attended my doctors on a weekly basis desperate for help & not to be just palmed off with tablets (which they did) I would have good days & bad but the bad were getting really bad, my anxiety was through the roof. I wouldn’t leave the house, I was struggling doing day to day chores & the worst of all, I had no time for my wife or kids. I couldn’t even force myself to kid-on I was happy when the kids did something brilliant, I just felt lost & empty. At one point I was close to ending it all through suicide BUT, thankfully my daughter knocked on the door & interrupted me (I had a belt round my neck)

A few days later I heard about a charity called “Chris’s House” through my work. I got the courage to phone them & admit I was struggling with life. From that phone call I knew I found the right help. This was the first time I had been told “we’ll fix you” which was amazing to hear.

This was where I met Helen, I was welcomed with a great big hug & felt at ease from the 1st minute. I had never heard of “havening” but I can guarantee it works a treat. Helen took me back to where my depression started & helped me understand why I was feeling the way I did. After a lot of tears & laughs I knew I was fixed. (Hard to explain but after 1 session that lasts no more than an hour, you’ll know what I mean)

All my suicidal thought are gone & can finally see a clear/bright future. There is still times I do get anxious but Helen has taught me how to self haven & works a treat. I’m currently using these methods on family members when their feeling worked up or stressed & they’re also seeing the benefits from what I’ve learned from Helen.

I’ve seen Helen 2/3 times since my 1st app just to make sure things are ok & trust me, they are. I’m now off all antidepressants & enjoying life for the 1st time in years & it’s good to happy again. I can’t thank Helen enough for changing life. My only regret is not seeking this help years ago.

Helen, thank you xx

Gavin McMillan

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Severe anxiety release

I was recommended to Helen Baillie by a friend at a time when I was struggling with severe anxiety which was impacting on my daily life. I was initially a little sceptical as I had never heard of Havening as a technique before but from the moment I contacted Helen she took time to explain the process and made me feel very comfortable. I rarely offer a testimonial but wanted to share how much this has personally helped me. I now understand how our brain holds onto trauma and how creating a 'safe space' through techniques which we each have at our disposal can make a world of difference. Helen taught me these skills and I now use them on a daily basis and suffice to say I no longer feel distressed, anxious and out of control. Through positive affirmations and a daily practice of sensory techniques I can improve my mood, thoughts and behaviours.

I would highly recommend this lady and I would highly recommend this technique. It is not scary... nor is it difficult to master with the right guidance and help but it will change your life for the better.

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Feed back

was told by a friend about Havening. She went to a lady called Helen, who she said was very kind and understood her. I’ve had thoughts of suicide for a number of years but couldn’t understand why as I have 2 beautiful children and a fantastic wife. I even tried to end my life as I didn’t want these feelings anymore. I was desperate and very low. I went for my Havening session and didn’t even know what Helen was saying/doing as I was in so much despair. I remember crying and then I released stuff I didn’t even know had happened or was bothering me. I have never felt as happy and at peace with myself as I do now. I feel Havening should be in every emergency room /doctors surgery and mental health resource. I do Havening affirmations daily and meditation, and I am so so grateful to Helen for showing me a new way to live in harmony. Thank you.
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