Martha Kastler

Certified Practitioner since May 2018

Martha Kastler
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Martha started her journey of true transformation in 2007 after a number of years of suffering from multiple traumas, anxiety, and narcolepsy. Addressing the past, present, and creating a brighter future required looking deeply inward. She has been honing, and adding profound tools to facilitate her personal growth and healing ever since. She is a certified yoga instructor, meditation mentor, Barratt Breathworks® facilitator, Bioenergy practitioner, and Havening Techniques® practitioner. Adding the modality of Havening to her work has expanded her understanding of neuroscience and opened her curiosity to dive more deeply for herself and in the service of others.
Every individual has a unique neural landscape and an often untapped well of resiliency waiting to be discovered. Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience freedom from past traumaticly encoded events and to build upon their inherent wisdom for greater peace, sense of wholeness, and well being. I welcome the opportunity to be present and hold space for you on your journey.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Pain management, Relaxation, Insomnia, Stress, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Belief Creation, Empowerment


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KB Deep water phobia

" Today I went snorkeling! I had had a fear of open water ever since an event from my childhood. After receiving a single havening session, from Martha, I was able to snorkel and look down into the deep water without any fear. Amazing! " ~KB
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"I came to Martha for Havening on a recommendation from a friend after experiencing a traumatic and toxic relationship. I was in the throws of dealing with trauma and desperate for anything to help me work through it and even dig deeper into old traumas. I had the opportunity to work with Martha on three occasions and every time I left the session feeling empowered, relieved, and clearer on my boundaries. Martha created a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment that allowed me to relax into the process and to safely and tenderly release traumatic events and the emotional and physical attachment I'd had to those events. I also appreciate Martha teaching me how to use this technique for myself - it's a beautiful tool to add to my collection of self-care and self-soothing practices. I am forever grateful to Martha for her help and for her support and I cannot recommend working with her enough!" ~ Laura G.

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