Emil Glownia

Certified Practitioner since December 2017

Mobile (UK): 078 488 25 343 or if you live outside of UK: +44 78 488 25 343
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Areas of specialization

Fear of flying, Phobias, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Pain management, Public speaking, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Confidence, Empowerment


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Obsessive thoughts

Hi I had a 25 minutes Skype session with Emil few days ago and feel I have got better since the session. Emil and I spoke of the things causing me distress then used the havening technique to remove these negative thoughts and replace them with more positive thoughts and feelings.

I am not going to write that I’m completely cured of my fears, but I have definitely seen a marked improvement in my emotions since my session with Emil,which I do believe helped me move forward.

I am still using the techniques taught to me by Emil and I’m so glad I found him and his techniques, as I’m moving forward with life and that’s all I can ask.

Thank you Emil for your patience and all your help at what has been a difficult time, for me.

Take care and good luck to anyone else thinking of using Emil and his services
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Unblocking potential

I had a very good session with Emil, we started from simple a question "how are you" then from back pain issue, I end up in the most surprising conclusion.

It is unbelievable how he can remove your inner unconscious blockers, things which you are not aware of, things which you will never find out without those techniques.

Emil used various techniques and the most important part is that he knows how to ask questions.
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Genuinely fantastic & healed me mentally emotionally on a deep level

I've attended Emil's walk-in Havening techniques session in Glasgow and it was great, genuinely fantastic & healed me mentally emotionally on a deep level. I'm very very grateful & appreciative to both of you for your time, effort, personal thoughts about my issues & personality which were all 100% correct. I'm extremely grateful for enlightening me & teaching me a fantastic technique which i can easily use throughout my entire life!! Thank you thank you thank you :) :) x
Anthony Walsh :)
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To any sceptics reading this

To any sceptics reading this!!!!!.this has an immediate affect!!! and powerful. Honestly!??.Thanks so much to Emil who was very personable and certainly very intuitive as well as being very professional. I'll be back, be sure to book a walk-in session with Emil.
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Brilliant! Engaging, Enlightening & Uplifting

I had sessions during meetups in Glasgow with Emil and it was brilliant! Engaging, Enlightening & Uplifting, the technique works an absolute treat! It's a must for anyone trying to move on in life but find themselves struggling to get past old problems that won't go away. Sincerely hope there will be a Havening circle or group formed in Glasgow. This is what we need - even if half of the population don't realise it! Thank you Emil!! ?
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So far, I've had three or four sessions with Emil. I really loved the time we spent together and looking forward to carry on with our sessions. I fully recommend Emil!
- Bartek Ziemniak
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Havening Session with Mr Emil

I had 1 hour Havening Session with Mr Emil and I released my stress and trauma. After a few days I feel so relaxed both physically and mentally .

Thank you Mr Emil for helpful treatment :)
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