Rev. Kevin Przybylski

Certified Practitioner since December 2017

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Kevin is a priest with years of experience helping individuals with a variety of issues in his capacity as a pastoral minister. He also has years of experience giving retreats and conferences. He is passionate about the unity of all religious/spiritual paths in the way of self affirmation and compassion –  beyond tribal religion to a greater sense of personal and interpersonal unity. He is particularly interested in helping people move beyond religious guilt and trauma to a life of greater freedom, spiritual empowerment and joy. He has helped people move beyond that which holds them back due to a variety of life situations. Havening Techniques greatly helps in this process!


Kevin was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1989 and left in good standing in 1998. He now serves as Music Director and Associate Pastor at Rabbouni Catholic Church in Louisville KY, an open and affirming independent catholic community, part of a growing movement remaking America’s largest religion. He is  available for one on one spiritual advising with anyone seeking greater joy and freedom.


Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology andPhilosophy from St. Louis University and a Master’s degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry from The Catholic University of America in Washington DC. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Indiana University Southeast.


Areas of specialization


Louisville KY 40204