Paul G Smith

Certified Practitioner since September 2017

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Paul enjoys helping people find freedom from issues that have held them back from their true potential. His interests are in empowering people through a holistic approach to wellness, all of which involve movement towards the genuine self.
Paul’s approach to treatment is one that focuses on guiding individuals to a more balanced state of mind, body, and energy connection. As people become increasingly balanced in each of these areas, greater degrees of personal health and wellbeing are experienced. 
For the past 15 years, Paul has been engaged in a variety of training and teaching roles. He is a senior instructor of Tai Chi, martial arts, self-defence, and meditation, and has led numerous health and wellbeing seminars throughout the Gold Coast. In addition, Paul has also managed Tai Chi delivery for various City Council Active & Healthy - Live Well classes and has facilitated self-defence courses specifically designed for women and children. Paul obtained his current skills under the guidance of a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and master of martial arts and Tai Chi, and has taught in both individual and group settings.  
In addition to the roles mentioned, Paul has also held senior management positions in several global corporations. He has conducted flight duties as a commercial pilot in numerous countries, actively engaged in high level law enforcement positions, and served time in the armed forces.
Paul’s exposure to a diverse range of settings throughout his professional career has allowed him a wide variety of experience when it comes to high load challenges and trauma. His understanding of the in-depth processing often required to resolve such issues has led him to employ an eclectic approach to therapy that incorporates numerous innovative treatments. Such approaches include Psycho-sensory Delta Wave therapy by Havening Techniques, bio field treatment, and the resolution of limiting beliefs and thinking patterns driven by underlying root causes that no longer serve positive growth. 
Paul is happy to help with a variety of conditions including trauma / PTSD, stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, and performance growth. His goal is to make a positive difference by helping people improve mental, physical, and energetic conditions.



Gold Coast Australia