Brigitte Rohner-Winkel

Certified Practitioner since July 2017

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Brigitte is a professional business coach, trainer, consultant and change manager with an experience of more than 25 years. She runs a professional business coaching company from Paderborn, using an eclectic mix of various therapeutic / coaching styles and interventions. 


Brigitte participated in the first ever Havening Techniques® Training to take place in Hamburg, Germany. Olf Stoiber, her trainer, comments: "Brigitte brought a lot of passion to the group and it was quite obvious that Havening was just waiting to be discovered by her. It's great to know how she now takes it to the world of business and change management - and I'm really happy to have her on board of the German Havening community!"



Brigitte Rohner-Winkel ist professioneller Business Coach, Trainerin und Change Managerin. Sie nutzt eine wohlsortierte Auswahl an Methoden, um ihre Klienten schnell voranzubringen. Ihr Hauptsitz liegt in Paderborn, sie arbeitet jedoch im gesamten deutschsprachigen Gebiet.