Ayelet Amitai

Certified Practitioner since October 2016

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Ayelet has been a Holistic practitioner and a leading Soprano Opera singer for over 3 decades. 

The unique experience on stage and the healing arts has allowed her to help artists, musicians and people of all walks of life.

"I love to assist you in liberating your unique way of expressing your hidden talents"

Teacher of singing and healing through the voice

Qualified Havening Techniques® Practitioner 

The only Ring Muscles teacher in the UK taught by the method's founder Paula Garbourg, have treated both pregnant women, babies, children and adults.

NLP Master practitioner

Ayurvedic life style and marma practitioner

Qualified in nutritional supplements

Studied with Dr John Diamond MD for many years and promoting his vast knowledge of creating Wellness and raising Life Energy especially through Music and Creativity.

Trained as an inter-specie communicator

Currently is training in Homeopathy at the international academy of classical homeopathy under Professor Vithoulkas .

Havening is an invaluable way in helping you to let go of the past, be more resilient and becoming more free.

Ayelet has experience in helping children as well as adults.

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