Janie Whittemore

Certified Practitioner since June 2017

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Janie Whittemore
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An intuitive and insightful therapist and healer, Janie is passionate about getting the spark back into people's lives. For over twenty years she has helped people get re-connected when they felt lost, and re-balanced when they were unwell.

Janie was at a seminar in 2014 when Paul Mckenna demonstrated Havening and was so captivated by its efficacy that she decided to become a practitioner. It is extremely complementary to her work with Reiki and Reflexology, both of which she has practised since 1999.

Havening has informed, surprised and delighted her therapist's journey, both for self-care and helping others. Her happy clients are also surprised when they leave without the baggage they came in with!

Previously manager of a large holistic centre, she now focuses 100% on her clients at The Healing Company, Cheltenham. As a Reiki Master she also spends a lot of time teaching courses and treating clients with Reiki. 

Janie loves to give talks and workshops, virtually and in person. 

She can work with you in sessions via Zoom online or in person, face-to-face. 

for more information find her on

FB as @janiehealing

LinkedIn at Janie-Whittemore

Instagram @janiehealing

and her own website, janiewhittemore.com 


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June 2017

I saw this post today and called The Healing Company with Janie Whittemore immediately.... Your recommendation was all I needed and Janie's Havening works in an amazing way.
Boring as it may be, I can confirm that the psychological basis is spot on and scientifically proven and the sensory element adds a calming and soothing reinforcement of the changes in your memory centre.
Friends - I have carried a terrible pain with me for over 20 years and no matter how well you know me, only 3 of my Facebook friends no part of it - I'm not sure if I was even strong enough to share it with you, Gill Smith, maybe next time we catch up!
Please don't dismiss this therapy, after 1 hour, a crippling sadness, guilt and grief, which has haunted me almost constantly has been lightened beyond on recognition. I'm not ready to let go of the very small percentage of sadness that I need to keep in my heart for now, but believe me I feel lighter already.
Don't worry if you can't get to Cheltenham, we just proved that it works just as well on Skype.
Thank you Gill and Janie. ???
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At the End of a Relationship

Dear Janie
Thank you so much for the Havening Therapy treatment you gave me this
morning to help me deal with the aftermath of a long term relationship
coming to an end and the pain it was causing me.
I feel so much better in myself. Your explanation of how the different
steps of the therapy work were very clear and easily understood.
You provided a comfortable environment and I felt totally safe and at ease
with you from the moment you greeted me.
Your application of the therapy was highly professional, extremely
empathetic and incredibly effective with the wonderful and amazing result
of releasing me from the grip of highly painful and negative emotions,
which were quite literally interfering with every aspect of my life on a
daily basis.
I sincerely can't thank you enough and I thoroughly and whole-heartedly
recommend you and the therapy to anybody who is struggling to enjoy life to
the full because they are hindered by anything past or present which is
causing them to experience painful or difficult emotions on repeated basis.
Please feel free to use this as a testimonial on your website and in any
marketing literature. I know you gave me your assurance that what we
discussed was totally confidential, however I give you my permission to use
any of the material in any way if it will bring others to you and help them
to seek resolution and healing and facilitate them to lead a fuller,
balanced and happier life.
Thank you
Mark Platten, Cheltenham
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Finally released an issue that was holding me back!

I had a Havening season with Janie last week. I decided to work on an old deep issue that I've already released a lot of but was aware was still holding me back.

With Janie's support and her use of Havening, I was able to finally voice feelings I wasn't even consciously aware of. I had a massive energy shift at the end of the session and instantly felt lighter. Since then I've noticed that my body is more flexible and the lighter feeling has persisted. I've also noticed my intuition coming through stronger than ever.

I can't recommend a Havening session with Janie enough. It was a truly enlightening life changing experience. Thank you so much Janie xxx
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Lack of Abundance

Wow, my first experience of a Havening session with Janie Whittemore was amazing.
Janie made me feel very welcome, immediately making me feel at ease with her warm and caring personality, I knew that I was in safe hands. Janie began by explaining how Havening therapy works with the mind, and the techniques she would be intuitively using during my session. I felt very comfortable and supported throughout and enjoyed my time with Janie very much. The results were immediate, extremely positive, and lasting, leaving me in no doubt whatsoever that Havening is a very powerful therapy. I highly recommend the lovely Janie as the perfect therapist for Havening, offering an uplifting and enlightening experience to transform your life in the most positive of ways.
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Feeling stuck and can't move forward

Recently, I came to a point in my life where I was stuck and needed to move forward and remembering the Havening I contacted Janie.
Janie made me feel very relaxed as she lead me through the process. I was totally in control the whole time and felt safe as I visualised letting go whilst Janie stroked my arms, hands and face. The change in me is astonishing, I now feel that the issue is totally resolved and I can move on in my life. It is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it. S. Haliwell
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