Julie French

Certified Practitioner since March 2015
Certified Trainer

07989 991056
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I’m an NLP master trainer, therapist, personal and professional coach, training facilitator, author and professional speaker. Based in the UK, I am a founding Director of Academy of High Achievers Ltd, specialising in mindset and communication programmes that include training in NLP and DiSC behavioural profiling. For 20+ years I have been helping people to tap into their best resources to heal, to grow and to thrive. I trained in Havening Techniques in 2014 by the co-developers, Drs Ron and Steven Ruden and their team. I now combine a powerful blend of Havening and NLP to help individuals claim their life back. I am a certified Havening trainer and have had the pleasure of being involved in the training of many people in Havening Techniques around the world. I’ve helped many people to become free from trauma and much more besides. My mission is to empower individuals to become free from any unhelpful past experiences and help them get out of their own way so  they can have achieve more of what they want in life. I love my work and I’m known for ‘exploding warmth’ wherever I go!