Corinne Jaun

Certified Practitioner since December 2016

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Corinne, a Swiss based alternative health practitioner, stumbled upon Havening four years ago by sheer conincidence when she read a friends Facebook post about the technique. Seeing how dramatic the results achieved could be, and yet how beautifully simple the technique is, she was hooked immediately - and tried to find out more about it.
Her search led her to Olf Stoiber and Hypnovita, who were already offering the Havening Techniques® within their client sessions. Since the official training curriculum hadn't been put into place back then, she decided to join for a hypnotherapy training class first - where she was able to gather an inofficial first peek into the Havening Techniques® and immediately realised how powerful and healing this intervention was.
When the first official trainings were announced in Germany, Corinne didn't have to think twice - and went all the way from Switzerland to Munich in order to join. In the following certification phase, she demonstrated an enormously high level of understanding as well as skill utilising the various Havening protocols to her clients best benefit - working with symptoms ranging from psychosomatic issues to grief and all the different forms of anxiety.
Corinne is amongst the very first officially certified Havening Techniques® Practitioners in Switzerland and will play an integral role in promoting the technique in her country. Seeing how she combines her passion and enthusiasm with a tremendous level of competence, we're very happy to have her on board!
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