Vanna Puviani

Certified Practitioner since October 2016

+39 335.6149990
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Dr. Vanna Puviani Psychologist Psychotherapist Specialized in Immaginative Psychotherpy with the therapeutic use of non-verbal languages Specialized in Psycotraumatology with the method EMDR. Practitioner EMDR Europe Doctor at the University of Bologna Teacher at different School of Specialization in Psycotherapy. Teacher trainer in variuous towns in Italy, Europe and Brazil Creator of the method D.E.C. (Drawing Emotions Cure), a new method of symbolic interaction with drawing which becomes useful to let realations visible and activate self-recovery Author of innumerabile articles on scientific reviews and of the following books: 2006- Le storie belle si raccontano da sole ( Beautiful stories narrate themselves) : drawing to comunicate with the child and heal his/her Junior Edition, Trento (translated also in Portuguese and Spanish) 2010- Il canto della luna When psycotherpy becomes poetry. Armando Editor, Rome 2010- 2012-La coppia di tutti i colori. To draw love that is born, grows and cures. Armando Editor , Rome (translated also in Portuguese)