Alexandra Niederreiter

Certified Practitioner since May 2016

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Alexandra is a fully qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in training. She was an attendee at the second Havening training in Germany which took place in December 2015. With her case studies, she has demonstrated full competency in applying the different Havening Techniques interventions and has achieved considerable success with symptoms such as anxiety (ranging from exam nerves to specific phobias), stress, commitment issues - and even fear of a comic character, working with a child.

Alexandra comments on her adventure with Havening so far: „I’m happy to have had the chance to learn a technique as fascinating as Havening! Many thanks to Olf Stoiber and Hypnovita for this incredibly valuable training course." Olf Stoiber, her trainer, comments: „Alexandra demonstrated solid knowledge of the technique as well as of the theory, and it’s a pleasure to see her practical application of Havening.“