Lizzie Bryher

Certified Practitioner since September 2015

07970 627556
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​L​izzie has a Bachelor of Science Honours in Anthropology. For her dissertation she carried out extensive fieldwork studies in the area of Addiction and AA groups in which she received a 1st. She has been a therapist since 2000 and has spent a large part of her life dedicated to bringing positive changes to others and herself.

​Lizzie is a certified Havening practitioner and I.E.M.T (integral Eye Movement Therapy) practitioner​. She is ​an Advanced (level 4) certified FasterEFT Practitioner and has a Diploma in Sound therapy. She combines these techniques to help dissolve a variety of issues such as panic disorder, anxieties, phobias, physical pain (such as fibromyalgia). grief, trauma and low self esteem.

​She ​is the author and creator of 'Tapping for Panic'; a free web source in which she shares information, guidance and help on how to clear and cope with panic attacks and anxiety.


London, Greenwich, U.K