Amanda Looker

Certified Practitioner since September 2014

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 Hi, I am Amanda.

I have worked within the complementary and holistic health area since 1996 with a few breaks in between. My passion for helping people always led me back, yet l always felt something was missing, l was able to help people on a physical level, for some that was only temporary, as they also needed help on an emotional level and l needed to find the link.

I found exactly that after studying Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Life Coaching. The jigsaw began to form. THEN l was introduced to The Havening Techniques, my mind was truly blown away. I experienced the power of this revolutionary new therapy personally. It was then that l knew l had found a major part in that healing jigsaw l had been seeking.


I was privileged to train with Dr. Ronald Ruden, (Creator & Developer) Dr. Steven J Ruden (Co-Developer, Kevin Laye, along with Paul Mckenna MD to become the 1st Certified Practitioner in West Sussex. 

 On a personal level l am so very grateful that l did, as very shortly after my family experienced a life-changing event, so l was able to draw on The Havening Techniques to help myself and my family during this time. (The universe really does lead us to the people we need)

 Today l work online internationally and in-person in West Sussex.

I am very passionate about helping others deal with life events, helping them to move forward and leave unwanted emotional attachments behind.

 I specialize in Narcissistic Abuse, Childhood & Adult Trauma, Trust, Emotional and Chronic Pain.


Chichester, UK