Andrea Brockbank

Certified Practitioner since August 2023

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Andrea is a compassionate, heart-centered Registered Nurse with over 37 years of experience in the health industry, backed by her Master of Advanced Nursing specializing in leadership and management. She provides holistic, client-focused care, understanding the importance of working together for the best outcomes. She has worked with people, of different cultures and backgrounds,  throughout the lifespan experiencing physical, emotional, psychological, and social difficulties. These include extensive work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Children and Youth at Risk, Parents, Women, and clients experiencing pain and chronic conditions to name a few.

Understanding the complexities of life and trauma, and the limitations of the health system to meet current client needs, she looked further afield in order to fill the gaps for her client's healing journey. She understands well the effects ongoing stress and trauma have on well-being, and as a leader in Nursing, has facilitated workshops for her colleagues, providing education and strategies for self-care implementation.

She is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, understanding the importance of incorporating the whole body,  mind, and Spiritual components of life to create holistic health.

With still more questions and a desire to help clients, she discovered ‘Havening’ and agrees wholeheartedly that it is one of the most gentle, thoughtful, and thorough approaches she has ever used. She completed her training under the very skillful, experience and guidance of Dr. Robin Youngson, and now delivers a compassionate, non-judgmental, sensitive, and collaborative service, to and with, clients experiencing physical or emotional life challenges. 

Andrea’s havening clients have described healing of chronic pain, increased self-esteem and overall well-being, increased confidence, healing of past trauma, healing of symptoms of PTSD, and improvement in symptoms of chronic disease, to name a few.

Areas of specialization


Burnside Nambour Qld