Andrée Kenny

Certified Practitioner since January 2023

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Andrée Kenny


A qualified Havening practitioner, Andrée also holds diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology and Holistic Massage. She is Certified in EFT and Seated Exercise for the disabled and elderly.


Andrée’s aim is to enable her clients to relax, feel happier and to find their inner confidence. Using Havening she helps her clients overcome their specific issues or experiences that affect their everyday lives. Her work has also included clients who have had neurological injuries where she sees how combining massage, basic exercises and Havening really does help with physical as well as mental wellbeing.


She practiced massage for many years before she gained a further qualification in seated exercise for the elderly and people with disabilities. When a friend had a stroke, she worked with him, helping with his movement. It was during this time that one of his physiotherapists saw not only the physical benefits but also the improvements in his personal wellbeing and encouraged her to continue with the sessions. This led her to think differently about how she could combine the physical benefits of massage and exercise with mental wellbeing, especially in people who have had neurological injuries.


Andrée became aware of the Havening Technique® through a client who had seen the benefit for an ongoing issue.


She contacted a practitioner and booked an appointment. After completing a few sessions, she was pleasantly surprised at how this simple, gentle technique worked for her and decided to train to be a Havening practioner.





“I have worked with people who have suffered a variety of issues including severe stress and anxiety, dyslexia, exam fear, building personal confidence, phobias, neurological injuries and sports performance. I believe in the benefits that Havening can bring and want to help others to heal themselves through their own hands with Havening touch. My sessions can take place over Zoom, Teams or in person (depending on location). If you want to explore how Havening can help to address your issues and rebuild your confidence, contact me for a free, confidential clarity call – the power to change is within all of us.”


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