Ariella Tanzer

Certified Practitioner since December 2022

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Hello and welcome to my profile page. Are you feeling stuck and are unsure how to get back in motion? Are you noticing a pattern in your life that you want to understand or change? Have you recently gone through a difficult life event, are feeling overwhelmed and in need of some emotional support? You have found your way to the right place. I know that change is possible and I believe you are strong, resilient and capable of positive growth. I will help guide you to finding a way to show up in your life that feels most authentic for you. 
Finding the right therapist is important to your personal healing. It is a process that can take time. I am a warm, accepting, compassionate and creative individual. My therapy approach focuses on your strengths and I use Havening practices, mindfulness practices, EFT tapping, and art therapy to help you make lasting changes, deepen your insights and reach your goals.
My hope is that through therapy you will be able to heal from painful experiences, deepen your self-awareness, and gain new coping strategies for difficult times in your life. If anything here has resonated with you, please reach out to me for a free phone consultation.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Depression, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Stress, Grief, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Empowerment, Weight


Remotely working in San Francisco, California.
California, USA