Sheryl Martin

Certified Practitioner since November 2022

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I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and I am very excited about what Havening can do for my clients!


I was quite a skeptic at first, and only took the first introductory Havening training after many of my colleagues recommended Havening as a viable method of addressing trauma.  During that first training with Doug O’Brien, I volunteered for a demo, not expecting the impressive results that followed.  I had a fear of water after many close calls commercial fishing on a drift boat on the Cook Inlet many years ago.  Since I had plans going across Kachemak Bay in Homer with my book club the following month, I thought perhaps addressing this fear might be timely.


As I prepared for my trip, I didn’t even think about my fear, or the Havening session at training.  It wasn’t until I was across the bay that I realized I had thoroughly enjoyed the boat ride.  I watched otters’ playful interactions.  I enjoyed the feel of the cool water spray.


My fear of being on the water was gone, and it has stayed gone.  My experience sold me on what Havening could do for my clients, and I opted for further training and certification with Rebeca Turner.  In addition to learning about trauma, I enrolled in additional trainings in the following areas:  Eating Disorders, Pain Management (Releasing the Pain that Binds), Integrating Havening with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


It's been gratifying to see my clients find relief from childhood traumas, overcome anxiety in the workplace, lower overall anxiety, and increase resiliency.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Exam nerves, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Public speaking, Relaxation, Stress, Adolescents, Confidence


Anchorage, Alaska