Louise Robins

Certified Practitioner since November 2022

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I discovered Havening Techniques just over 2 years ago while supporting someone through a very distressing time in their life.  An acquaintance of theirs suggested that they should try this new therapy called Havening. Within one session I witnessed profound changes in them. That was when I knew I had found a missing component to my toolbox, to enable me to help clients reach their full potential, and embarked on my Havening Techniques training.

I am passionate about helping people that are suffering from emotional and physical pain. Over the last 10 years I have helped clients through a variety of modalities. I am qualified in Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, Counselling & Listening skills, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, TCM Acupuncture, Electro Acupuncture and Havening Techniques.

I specialise in anxiety, depression, panic attacks, grief, PTSD, low self-confidence, chronic pain, relationship issues and more.

It is so rewarding to see the changes Havening ignites, working with clients in a safe nurturing way and teaching them how the Havening touch can release negative emotions that, at times, have held them back for decades.

Clients have reported positive, life changing improvements in their relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and best of all with themselves

I am always grateful that clients trust me to help them with their journey and I can honestly say I love my job.

Thanks go to Louise Carmi & Donna Ryen for the Training in Havening Techniques, I am so grateful that I have been able to qualify in such a powerful and effective healing technique and to be part of the Havening community.

Areas of specialization

Food addiction, Gambling addiction, Quit smoking, Anger management, Anxiety, Fear of flying, Panic attacks, Phobias, Blushing, Bruxism (teeth grinding), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Eating disorders, Exam nerves, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Obsessions and compulsions, Pain management, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Public speaking, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Sexual issues, Insomnia, Sports performance, Stress, Stuttering, Tinnitus, Weight loss, Adolescents, Grief, Interview Nerves, Unusual tendencies, medically diagnosed illnesses and disease, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Shyness, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment, Weight, Bereavement


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Havening on Anxiety and Relationships

I booked Louise's combination package and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to explore different therapy methods. It's awesome value and allows you to find out what works best for you and then go from there.
From the outset, Louise's approach was reassuringly thorough and professional, but above all else, caring.
Louise really does work on "mind, body and soul" in concert and I have found the results impressive after my first 3 sessions: there is a significant reduction in my anxiety, I feel more resilient and able to cope with stress and I'm enjoying an overall sense of improved physical and mental wellness.
If you've found that "talking therapies" never have enough of an impact, I urge you to book with Louise. She's given me practical support and some things I can do proactively myself that make a difference every day. The Havening Techniques which were a mystery to me before my first session have proved the most beneficial. I found the experience emotional but fascinating and beautifully comforting. I'm looking forward to doing more.

S Ennes-Borlace
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Havening on grief

I was drawn to Louise, having never heard of Havening or tried similar therapies before, I was intrigued to find out more.

My initial telephone conversation with Louise was informal yet professional, she put me at ease, carefully explaining the process so I was very much looking forward to my Zoom therapy session today.

What can I say!? I have experienced the benefits of this incredible therapy and one hour of Louise's devoted attention.

I am a little lost for words; it is a journey and I am still overwhelmed how powerful it was for me. Louise and Havening techniques have changed my very distressing grief emotions and memories. It's difficult to put into words but I immediately felt in a better place emotionally and psycalogically. I cannot recommend Louise enough and this new therapy. If you are struggling with grief and the numerous issues that grief can make you feel, I highly recommend speaking to Louise. I wish I'd done it a long time ago.
J. Walker
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Havening on Social Anxiety and GAD

Over the last 6 months Louise has been doing a mixture of havening, hypnotherapy & acupuncture to help me with my anxiety (I suffered with social, situational and GAD), emotional issues and various back issues. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Louise and her therapies.

6 months ago I had no confidence, didn’t like socialising, wouldn’t interact with anyone and was extremely self conscious constantly thinking people were judging me. The progress I have made with the help of Louise is unbelievable I am more confident, I have managed to go out for a meal with my partner, go to the local for a couple of drinks and even go food shopping and as for my back it’s still working progress but I have had both acupuncture and Chinese cupping which have helped enormously from what it was originally so thank you Louise you’re an absolute legend and I couldn’t of done it without you.


N. Mullan

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