Jason Stanley, DRS

Certified Practitioner since February 2022

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I’m deeply interested in relieving long term weight gain ranging from modest overweight to severe and/or chronic obesity.

Obesity is a symptom of complex issues. No amount of diets, exercise, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), traditional talk therapy, or mindfulness therapy gets to the root causes and the weight always comes back.

Many years ago, I conducted medical anthropology field studies on the underlying emotional cause of chronic overeating leading to a lifetime of overweight and obesity. The research uncovered how chronic weight gain was caused by an " unrelenting compulsion to eat" created during childhood.

Unfortunately, identifying the underlying cause was not the same as developing the cure.

Even after publishing two books and researching mountains of studies and theories, the way to “repattern the subconscious” remained elusive. Back then the science didn't understand the non-thinking limbic system. Imagine my joy in learning the issue is in the emotional limbic brain. We now know, chronic weight gain is the result of Developmental Potentiation often exacerbated by CPTSD (Complex (childhood) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I am delighted and honored to bring this understanding and the gentle method of Havening Technique to relieve the suffering of those who struggle with the many-faced demon of weight gain.

Areas of specialization

Eating disorders, Weight loss


Upper Bong Bong barangay, Valencia, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines