Barb Huggins

Certified Practitioner since September 2021

Barb Huggins
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Thanks for taking the time to consider me as your certified Havening Touch practitioner. I would be honored to serve you. I began my experience with Havening Touch as a client, just like you! 


After an extended season of traumatic injuries, resulting in ill health and lost opportunities, I struggled to improve my body, mind, and relationships through prescribed traditional and alternative medicine avenues with slow and minimal progress.  


As time stretched on, I found myself losing self-confidence and strengths that had once been hallmarks of my most authentic and empowered self. My joy became diminished, and my health and relationships continued to suffer. Even though I kept willing myself to be happy and whole, my body and mind held on to my negative experiences, keeping me from living in my full potential and wellness.


Why? The answer lay in a simple combination of advanced neuroscience and the healing power of touch. 


The change in my life through Havening Touch was profound. Freedom, clarity, satisfying purpose, tangible wellness, fearlessness, compassion, and joy became readily available to me as I was able to turn my brain's rocky, vulnerable landscape into a lush, vibrant vista. 


How? Just by practicing the simple process of touch and distractions, I allowed my brain to neurochemically let go of those things that held me captive.


Practicing Havening Touch is now my passion. My educational and professional backgrounds as an adult educator, ordained multi-faith minister, master life/wellness/laughter coach, and multi-generational mentor are perfect complements to my role as a certified Havening Touch practitioner.


My inclusive areas of expertise are stress management and future performance outcomes in business, education, relationships, sports, and other stressful areas of everyday life. It would be a joy to help you live to your fullest potential too! 


I'd love the opportunity to explain the simple and gentle process and determine together if Havening Touch is suitable for you too. Join me for a complimentary session at your earliest convenience.  

Virtual appointments worldwide or in-person in the greater Phoenix/Tucson AZ area. 



Barb Huggins DD, CMLC, CHP



Areas of specialization

Fear of flying, Public speaking, Relaxation, Insomnia, Sports performance, Stress, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment


Arizona and Pacific Northwest and virtually worldwide.