Gaylene May Atkins

Certified Practitioner since July 2021

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I’m a registered Bowen Therapist and Havening Practitioner. I live with my husband of over forty years in the central North Island town of Te Kuiti and we both love it.

Self-healing and alternative therapies are my passion and I like to focus on learning new and improved ways of delivering and sharing the positive physical and mental benefits these modalities have to offer. Most of my clients seek resilience, relaxation, and freedom from anxiety, depression and a range of other issues that often prevent them from being the best person they can be. Let’s face it we are all works in progress. I'm grateful to have the privilege of helping people, from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, as they overcome personal barriers to their success and support them in finding peace, and enjoyment in living a fulfilling and happy life.

Fortunately, some self-healing approaches are becoming more mainstream, and merging into the realms of integrative medicine within New Zealand and around the world. The Havening technique falls within this healing category and is something I describe as ‘safe talk and safe touch therapy'. A haven is a safe place so the technique is appropriately named; and it’s backed up by its founders Drs Ron & Steve Ruden’s studies which are well-documented and firmly based in neuroscience.

Lastly, I believe the true healers of this world all have the same goals; to help others become the happiest and best possible versions of themselves.

Currently, I work from my home-based clinic in Te Kuiti and can be contacted via the links provided.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Relationship issues, Relaxation, Insomnia, Stress, Grief, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment, Bereavement


Te Kuiti, Waitomo District, New Zealand.
New Zealand