Clair Brook

Certified Practitioner since May 2021

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Do you feel stuck? Are you in a slump? Do you experience unwanted anxiety? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Are you in a pattern of behaviour you would like to change? Havening can help with all these things and much more.

I love creating and holding a safe space for individuals and groups to explore their own truths. A space to heal, A space to reveal what is holding you from your peace and keeping you stuck. A space to build resilience and strength to take you into your future with more ease and grace.

I bring to the table a toolbox including many techniques and healing methods that can help you balance and restore. In addition to Havening Techniques, I can offer Reflective Repatterning, Eft and TFT tapping techniques, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Reiki and other energy balancing techniques. I have many years of experience working with charities and the voluntary sector in the UK supporting women’s physical and mental health, young people’s health and wellbeing and the health and well-being of poorer communities.

Havening has been life changing for me personally and I have been using this technique for around 8 years now. I am excited to be able to share the havening techniques with you and co create a space of change and transformation.  

If you would like to chat about how Havening Techniques could help you, I would be very happy to hear from you.

I am based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK and I am able to work globally via online video call.

Areas of specialization

Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Public speaking, Relaxation, Stress, Interview Nerves, Self-Belief, Self-Development, Shyness, Belief Creation, Confidence, Empowerment, Weight


Barnsley, UK