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Hi, I'm Lynn Demers, an Internationally Certified Havening Techniques® Trainer and Practitioner, where the art of sculpting and the science of healing converge in my work.

For over three decades, I've sculpted not just in stone but in the human essence, discovering the untapped potential within individuals and guiding them through transformative journeys of self-healing. My studio, a sanctuary of creativity and contemplation, became the foundation for a deeper exploration into the human psyche, leading me to Havening Techniques®, where I became the second certified practitioner in Canada. Now, I stand as one of only three trainers nationwide. I trained in 2015 and have been Certified since 2016, after training directly with founders Drs. Ron and Steven Ruden, I became a pioneer in Canada, hosting the first training in Vancouver in 2016 and continuously fostering growth and resilience within our community.

My unique approach weaves my artistic insight with Havening's neuroscience-based methods, focusing on shedding the layers that obscure our true selves. Much like sculpting, this process requires patience, understanding, and a gentle yet persistent hand. Throughout my career, I've been driven by a belief in the resilience of the human spirit and the profound interconnectedness of creating and healing. These experiences have shaped my professional path and enriched my personal growth, reaffirming the transformative power of our work.

The guiding principles of Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration are the bedrock of my practice. They ensure that every touch, word, and insight fosters a journey to healing and discovering a life that resonates with one's true essence. These principles aren't just methods; they're a way of being—guiding my interactions with those seeking healing and shaping the comprehensive training I offer future practitioners.

As a mentor, I am committed to your growth, providing unwavering support as you integrate Havening into your practice and life. My training goes beyond techniques; it's an invitation to join a journey of empowerment and transformation, ensuring you emerge skilled, confident, and resourceful in your practice.

Join me, and let's sculpt futures and the foundation of understanding and engaging with healing. Whether you're seeking transformation for yourself or to aid others on their journey, together, we can unlock the full potential of Havening Techniques.

Guiding Principles:

My practice and teaching are rooted in four guiding principles—Awareness, Alignment, Attunement, and Integration. These principles not only shape the transformative work we do but also how we approach every aspect of healing and learning:

  • Awareness: At the heart of transformation, fostering a deep understanding of oneself. I guide clients to explore their inner worlds, recognize the triggers and memories that shape their experiences, and lay the groundwork for profound healing.

  • Alignment: Harmonizing thoughts, actions, and emotions with core values and desired outcomes, I support individuals in aligning their healing journey with personal authenticity, empowering them to move forward with purpose.

  • Attunement: Through empathy, I create a therapeutic connection and tune into the experiences of those I guide, building trust and facilitating a safe environment for transformative work.

  • Integration: Emphasizing the embodiment of healing and insights gained, I ensure the principles and practices of Havening are woven into the fabric of daily life, fostering lasting change and resilience.

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Havening for peace and comfort: Lexy, Lynn Demers and Tony Burgess share some simple suggestions.
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Journey of transformation

"Working with Lynn is an absolute joy, even when we are working on something that may not be considered joyful! ... Perhaps especially in those times!

Lynn always creates a welcoming, warm, safe and loving space where I feel completely free to "come as I am" no matter what that is for me at the time.

She has been instrumental in my process of self discovery, learning to fully embrace life, to recognize my gifts and allowing myself to let them begin to shine through. We have worked together mainly using EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Havening Techniques, but Lynn also draws upon all of her experience, training, skills and knowledge; intuitively and expertly weaving them into our sessions. She has been a trusted guide, assisting me as I discover and integrate new levels of understanding and perspective on my journey of transformation. Lynn is a kind, compassionate, intuitive and truly gifted practitioner and person. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others."
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Discover inner essence and strength

"Lynn is gentle, deeply insightful, and trusting. She begins as a gifted sculptor. You can see it and feel her energy in the way she is able to release the essence of the stone with which she works.

Likewise, she uses her keen intuitive senses and healing skills to help her clients discover inner essence and strength. Her intuition led her to create a questioning process called Heart Q—gleaning wisdom by listening to the heart. This, together with her healing skills, help clients work through difficult or painful situations.

Clients come to her agitated with worry or stress. But with a combination of Heart Q and healing skills, they leave feeling more grounded, clearer about actions to take, and empowered to face the challenges ahead.

She is a masterful coach and healer—a soul-deep person who helps to bring calm and peace to our sometimes fractured world."
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A gentle way to big healing

"I have had a number of opportunities and the great pleasure to be a client with Lynn over the last year. What I have so enjoyed is the compassionate and non-judgemental environment she has provided in the sessions. This made it feel very safe for me to be vulnerable and share - allowing me to work on deeply rooted and intimate issues. I also so appreciated ALL of the tools and techniques she has in her wheelhouse - I was privileged to experience her skills as a Life Coach, and an EFT Practitioner and a Havening Techniques Practitioner. She is good at what she does! And ultimately of the greatest significance was that the work I did with Lynn has helped me - I have connected more to my truer self and have found more ease and happiness: it is so nice to feel better. I can confidently recommend Lynn's services: she facilitated a gentle way to big healing for me."
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Release the grip my past has had on my present

"I approached Lynn Demers because I was looking to change behaviours and thought patterns I’ve held for my most of my life which do not support me and are preventing me from moving on with my life.

Lynn helped me using Havening Techniques® . Through the process of Havening I’ve been able to release the grip my past has had on my present. I was able to revisit stressful life events, to release the energetic impact and to reframe them with compassion and positivity.

The result was nothing short of miraculous. My experience was that this kind of work had to be hard, painful and full of drama. If drama is what you are looking for then Havening is not for you. There is no Drama in it.

I’ve spent much of my life looking for support and love outside of my self from others. When I’ve been asked if I spend time providing love and support to my self I’d say, “I don’t know how to do that.” “I don’t believe myself when I say I love you in the mirror”. With Havening I’m finally able to give myself the love and connection I’ve sought so much from the outer world and it is allowing me to step forward into my own strength and wholeness.

One thing I liked was that Lynn is incredibly gentle and direct in her approach. I found it easy to relax, open up and go deep into my work with Lynn’s guidance.

I found that each time after working with Lynn I felt at peace and serene. This serenity would last for hours afterward and didn’t fade. More over I was, and am, able to recall this feeling with ease when I want or need to.

I would recommend Lynn and the Havening Techniques to anyone who is looking to change their life and experience from what they currently have to what they could only wish for. This work easily and quickly moved me from who I was to who I want to be with ease."
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Fear and Anxiety were preventing me from moving forward

Lynn came into my life at a time when I was desperately in need of a healing transformation. Her gentle kindness is surpassed only by her skill. Know that you can make the changes you need to make and that she will be present to guide the process. Fear and anxiety were preventing me from moving forward both personally and professionally and through the work that we did together I was able to leave the negative patterns behind. I am so grateful to Lynn for the wonderful work that she does!
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Training: Helpful guidance and great mentoring!

"Lynn has a lot of experience using Havening with trauma, from her own personal experience and from working with many cases, and shared freely many different tips and working practices that take this aspect much deeper. This was great for me since I'm particularly interested in deepening the work I'm doing already with trauma and stress issues. Lynn is also providing great mentoring to me as I complete the training requirements, with helpful guidance in online mentoring sessions and notes on my submitted cases. I recommend working with Lynn if you're looking for a relaxed and thorough grounding in this deep work and real help getting you confident in using it with others."
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One-on-One Certified Havening Techniques® Training Program

"I chose to pursue Lynn's One-on-One Certified Havening Techniques program when I went through a difficult time of complex grieving. Havening intrigued me, and I wanted to study it to help myself and find new ways to help friends facing chronic or terminal diseases.

When Lynn offered me the One-on-One Havening program, I was thrilled. It was what I needed and could do at that time. Pacing my learning by creating my own schedule, receiving personalized training with lots of practice, and incorporating my personal life experiences allowed me to learn the material on a deeper level.

The instructions in each module were concise and clear. I completed the preparation in less than one hour. Through repetition of the material and practice, learning became painless. Lynn impressed me with her solid knowledge base on havening and her wisdom on life. It was easy to connect with Lynn, and I felt immediately safe and comfortable. I appreciated her prompt email communication and additional information when I had questions.

This course is unique in that I learned a new technique and experienced healing while doing it. I practice havening daily and offer it currently to a friend with anxiety and chronic disease. I plan to expand my practice as I become Certified in Havening Techniques.

I am very much indebted to Lynn, who is not only a skilled teacher but a wonderful human being. I know I can always call on Lynn for help."

~ Carola Breckbill
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Trainer/Mentor/Coach: One-on-One Certified Havening Techniques® Training Program

"I am so lucky that YOU shone as the mentor for me. What a gift you are. Your course is beautifully designed, and your presentation is clear, warm, and just the right amount for me to understand in one sitting. Your intuition, love, and depth of experience (professional and personal) add to your tender and kind presence. You embody this work for me, and I'm grateful to have you as a model of Havening and a teacher/mentor/coach."

~ Marcia Patrice Ganeles
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"I got a sense of the power of Havening" | One-on-One Certified Havening Techniques® Training Program

I chose Lynn's one-on-one course because I am a stay-at-home mom and could not do longer training sessions while caring for my daughter. Lynn's flexibility and patience were extremely valuable, but I also found other unexpected benefits of doing the course one-on-one.

I had only a cursory familiarity with Havening before beginning. By working one-on-one, I got a sense of the power of Havening through Lynn's Havening demonstrations with me as her client. I was able to ask all the questions I needed, and I was able to get plenty of personalized feedback.

Lynn was very helpful, welcoming, professional, insightful, patient, and encouraging.

Initially, I was worried that I would struggle with Havening as I did not have much personal experience with it, but now I feel much more confident in my skills. Furthermore, I feel supported in my journey of continuing to build those skills going forward.
This is a great program for anyone looking to feel supported and confident in their use of Havening and for anyone looking for schedule flexibility in their certification process.

Thank you, Lynn!

~ Eileen Quach
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Vancouver, BC
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Are you curious about the applications of Havening Techniques? Ask "Your Havening Mentor" – your AI companion for enhancing emotional resilience, alleviating stress, and fostering personal growth, with a clear emphasis on educational support and privacy.