Jennifer Monastero

Certified Practitioner since June 2021

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Jennifer has worked with children with special needs as a physical therapist for over 20 years where she has learned how to hear a child when they cannot speak.  Her practice of presence has helped her to listen deeply, understand and see through to people’s essential nature, where their true power is.  The Havening Techniques naturally create a state of calm and clarity and can remove obstacles making room to move toward the life one wishes to have. We do our best learning when in a relaxed state that Havening can create, enhancing the process that may lead to a curiosity and joy that comes from reconnecting to one’s Truth. Jennifer provides a safe environment while facilitating somatic awareness as a way to invite and be open to what unfolds in the present moment where one’s inner wisdom can shine through and be honored. 

Areas of specialization


Smithtown NY